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Most of you old motorheads in the USA know about Glenn Bunch's IMSA history. The last 3 years he has spent rebuilding his IMSA AAGT Hemi Dodge for vintage racing. Well, this weekend he entered the 50 Anniversary VIR Gold Cup and it dominated. He had been getting his old friend Phil Currin ('72 IMSA GTO Champ) to handle the wheel and testing quite a lot at Tri County Airport. This past weekend it all came together and they were the quickest car there. Now keep in mind that there were Porsche 908s, a 907LH, a McLaren and a Lola CanAm, and 427 Cobras and Vettes present. They lead every session and won the 7 lap feature by over 80 seconds and lapped all but 2 cars. Phil was only about 10 seconds off the official lap record for VIR. AWESOME! Oh yeah Glenn built this entire car totally by himself.

Anyhow, here is a video of a few practice laps:

Also check out Glenn Bunch's website for the whole story:

posted by  Cazzie

:fu: that is a nice car but i have a poursh911

posted by  TERRY234234

Oh look, another 12 year old on the forum. Lucky us.

Sure ya do lil fella. Does it say Hot Wheels or Matchbox on the bottom? I bet if you were old enough to own a Porsche, you could at least spell it correctly.

posted by  vwhobo

I take it you haven't seen his thread yet? He is in the market for a Ford GTI! So shut up, hobo! :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

Did you say Ford GT Cliffy?:drool:


Or new:

posted by  Cazzie

No, I said 'Ford GTI'....which you'll understand if you read his thread, lol (we think he's a 12-yr old)

posted by  Cliffy

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