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If a 1990 Crown Victoria LTD (Civilian) raced a 2001 Honda Civic Si which would win a quarter mile?

posted by  cpchase

Is this a trick question? :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

Nope haha, it might sound stupid to some but me and a friend really thought about all the factors like power and wiehth... etc... we came to no conclusion. (He has the cvic). Oh and its not an Si. Just a Standard Coupe.

posted by  cpchase

What's wiehth? A cross between width and weight? :laughing:

I'm not familiar with the Crown Vics as I live in the UK, but obviously the Civic would have the weight advantage, but if it's not an Si It's certainly no rocket ship I guess, lol....I assume the Ford's a V8 so it has the power, but it's a lot heavier. Crown Vics are no rocket ships either, but is that like an ex-police car? (given the LTD part, and you specified it was "civilian" model)

posted by  Cliffy

You could just google 1/4 mile times for the cars, but I'm betting the Si would wipe the floor with a Crown Vic. The Crown Vic doesn't really have a lot of power, probably similar numbers with the Si. A non-Si Civic and A Crown Victoria would be a much closer race.

posted by  giant016

haha, sorry I should clear this up...

Where talking about racing...

A, Crown Victoria LTD 4-spd AOD, 302

Against a...

2001 Honda Civic Coupe (Not Si) 5 spd standart trany.

My friend and ar going to race em... i just wanted to know the odds.

posted by  cpchase

I would think the Crown Vic would win easily, wouldn't it? People give civics too much credit, especially bone stock base models ones, which have next to no power.

posted by  Mathew

when I test drove a 2001? civic a few years ago when I was looking for a new car, I had it floored, and it had less oomph then my 1988 Dodge grand caravan 3.0 V6, which is one of the reasons I got a Taurus, 3.0 V6 as it had more get up and go than the civic. All that being said, if your Vic is in good shape engine and tranny wise, I think it would win. Of course you are comparing snails and Tortoises, but I think the Vic will win.

posted by  dvdrose18

Yea haha I agree, I hate how so many kids I know, worship these kind of cars. I hate them the most of any car I can think of :S

posted by  cpchase

thumbs up on the crown vic

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

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