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So I finally went out to Autocross my car, and had a great time. Made many mistakes, and had the car set up all wrong, but now I know what I have to improve and how to set my car for the next race. Here goes.

Race Map: Started at the bottom, ended up at the top 751_353322_1077.jpg

Me with my buddy going through the slalom 751_353128_6214.jpg

Getting WAY too wide on a turn: 751_353203_5559.jpg

Showing off some body roll: 751_353204_5863.jpg

At the start line: 751_353205_6143.jpg

More: 751_353210_5928.jpg 751_353211_3813.jpg 751_353212_4133.jpg

posted by  newyorker 751_353213_4442.jpg 751_353214_4742.jpg 751_353215_5046.jpg 751_353314_4519.jpg 751_353315_4833.jpg 751_353316_5161.jpg 751_353317_8531.jpg 751_353319_9185.jpg

Basically, I was on near-bald Hankook Ventus RS2 tires, on a semi-wet track (ran 1st heat), and my sways were set full stiff in the front and full soft in the rear. That and lack of autocross experience placed me shamefully. I did 96th of 122 in PAX, losing to a prius (:'() but I placed 5th of 6 in BSP by RAW time which I hear is pretty good. That and I managed not to hit any cones, and improve my time on each run (though I did go off course on 3 of my 4 runs haha).

Here are videos.

Video of the 1st run

Video of the 3rd run (much faster)

posted by  newyorker

Looks like you had fun. That's all that really matters.

This makes me jealous. I can't wait to take out the Z26 and start autoXing the hell out of it. I place generally in the 50s out of about 100-130 cars. Not bad for an old FWD 4-banger (Even though it is supercharged). The better cars are usually V8 RWD cars, AWD cars (EVO, STi, etc) so I'm not ashamed of what I can do. I would AutoX the SS, but it's set up for straight line so....yeah.

Keep practicing, you'll get better eventually. :thumbs: Just remember, it's not worth doing if you're not enjoying it and having fun.

posted by  Satty101

Nice, interesting course/lot layout there.

I participated in my first back in November, it was fun :D

17 or 26 in F, 78 of 102 overall. Went from an 82 to a 75 in 4 runs. No cones or DNFs :laughing: ov%209%202008/n12724795_36959567_3617.jpg

I hesitated at 0:18 due to a course worker running to the infield...I saw him running and assumed he was in the way before I noticed where he was :laughing:

And 3 wheels! (barely)

posted by  jedimario

Yea, I did manage to improve my times too. I shaved almost 10 seconds off by my 4th run.

Here are some other people there showing off extreme suspension travel ss/Philly2-8-09/lrg_Solo77.jpg< br />
This guy was on slicks...doesn't look like the body wanted to stay on the frame of the car haha

posted by  newyorker

Here are the results for the day

Click on BSP to scoot down to my class. Then scroll down to see times for all participants with PAX adjustment.

posted by  newyorker

Damn, I gotta remember to bring my wife or a friend along next time. I have no pics and no vids of myself auto-Xing.

posted by  Satty101

I'm waiting for summer to maybe get one of those suction cup mounts for my car. For now I want to get my car set up, and improve as a driver. It's kinda sad that when I was doing my work heat, me and the station were laughing about the Prius and I managed to run slower, so I definately need to step my shit up.

posted by  newyorker

Nice. Gotta love SCCA SOLO.

How are you in a lower class than me? They throw me in A because of the SS badge. My car is fat and has what would be considered a drag suspension (stock).

Anyhow, I'm officially calling you out NY'er. No hard feelings, and it wouldn't be until summer, but ya k'now, just something interesting. I'm not good at all, and didn't even get to an AutoX last year. I'm not going to Philly and I doubt you want to come out to Ft Devens Ma., but NY should be somewhere in between.

posted by  giant016

Haha, you want to drag or solo? I just started so I'm breaking in to it as well, it's pretty different than driving on the street, because most people I am competing against actually know how to drive and have able cars, it's not like what I'm used to, beating ricers on the straight-away then waiting for them, and passing them on the outside of a 2-lane offramp.

posted by  newyorker

Haha, solo for now. I know what my car does in the drags, its a fun day, but not much competition-wise unless you're running 13.3s. I run them all day, so if you're running high 12s or 13.5s or slower (I don't recall your car's setup) its not really any question of who will win; just asking what your car runs. It will be more fun when I get modded and traction becomes an issue, but that will be a while. However I have been meaning to check out Etown which is somewhat out your way, so you never know.

As you said, the skill of these guys is amazing. I got schooled by a minivan, you got schooled by a Prius. At our level what class they put us in doesn't matter (even though it's BS, "A"...c'mon!) a good driver will beat us in any car and a first-timer will get beat by us in any car.

posted by  giant016

My car should only be doing low-mid 14s and I have traction issues haha. E-town isn't too far from me, but yea if you find a SOLO event somewhere in between me and you, let me know and I may take the drive out.

posted by  newyorker

I'm gonna do a track day with my truck soon and post a video. Hopefully her radiator won't bust again lol :hi:

posted by  99integra

Oddly enough, a truck autocrossing wasnt the oddest thing I've seen haha.

posted by  newyorker

do tell?

posted by  99integra

I meant to say Ranger...this is more odd

posted by  newyorker

Haha damn that's a brand new model too.

posted by  99integra

nice vid. Like the some people above said it's important you had fun;)

posted by  sprocket

your good least you got a place in your race.congrats....

posted by  ysabel

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