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I'm going to the qualifying and test runs tomorrow. I'll take vids and pics of the shindig and get a video of Danica's lap. :smoke:

posted by  99integra

well turns out i forgot the memory card.. but danica is a cocky little thing she only ran two practice laps the whole day while everyone else did about 30

posted by  99integra

Nobody really care about her anyways. Unless her oversized ego is put aside, I doubt she will become competitive in the IRL especially on the road courses. The ALMS was a bit of a disappointment but thats mainly cos Audi and Penske pulled out for this year.

Now I've got to go find some online stream of the IRL race...

posted by  fudge

She got walled early on anyway during the race. :laughing:

posted by  99integra

You should quit smoking that IGNORANCE and realise a few things.

1. Danica Patrick IS the most popular driver in IndyCar...thus making her arguably THEIR MOST CARED ABOUT DRIVER.

2. Danica Patricks' popularity is boosting ticket sales...thus possibly boosting pay-outs and/or keeping the boring event from getting forgotten and cut.

In other words, other drivers should stop being so jealous of Danica and appreciate her. She's not the top SO WHAT SHE GETS THE MOST ATTENTION. DEAL WITH IT. Her attention helps (I cringe to call it a sport). Maybe drivers (or their fans) should get sexier or find some other gimmick to attract attention to themselves instead of hating Danica for getting noticed.

posted by  What III

Oh great, lets rely on divas and tax dodging dancers to bring the sport up instead of focusing on the talent, racing and the sport itself. There is absolutely no hope of American single seat racing returning back to its former glory if you honestly believe this is their only hope of promoting the sport.

Hmmm... How about the following to bring the American open wheel racing popular again:
-Replace those damn ugly Dallaras
-Change the engine regs to attract more manufacturer(I'm so sick of just seeing spec series especially on what is America's top open wheel series)
-Reduce aero(watching drivers taking some ovals at full throttle is boring)
-Bring more chassis manufacturers
-Replace Tony George

This sport has gone completely to the shits since the split up in the mid 90's. And to show how wrong you are, why despite the "ever so popular Danica" has the Surfer's Paradise round in Australia(which has always been a great venue for Indycars/Champ Cars) been axed and given to A1GP this year instead?

posted by  fudge

Team Penske and Wheldon ran pretty good all day during practice. If you watched the ALMS Scott Sharp and David Brabham kicked ass in their Patron Acura all day too.

posted by  99integra

Yeah, Highcroft did win but what competition did they have apart from De Ferran Acura(which is fast but breaks down). I'm glad Intersport is still around albeit some way off - its the small teams which keeps the series together when the big teams pull out and I would love to see Jon Field repeat some of the races last year where he overtook the Audis. And listening to the LMP2 Fernandez Acura you can tell that this year they were alot more restricted(due to the increased restrictor as well as the need to not go all out like they did last year as they are only competing with the Dyson Mazdas).

When Audi and Porsche return to the ALMS you're gonna have a right treat at St.Pete.

posted by  fudge

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