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Its sad to see the GT1 Vette dissapear from the ALMS and Lemans this year as it has been the car to beat this decade in GT1 racing. They have literally dominated this class in racing to the point that no other manufacturers/teams are in it full time anymore.

This weekend at Mid Ohio will be the first time we'll see GM's factory racing GT2 Corvettes race. Unlike the GT1 cars, this car will have more parts from the road car and the competition will be more fierce from Ferrari, Porsche and BMW(last lap Sebring 2007:smoke: ). . Will they have the same success as they did in GT1?

My predictions are that they won't be onto a winner straight away, Porsche and Ferrari have had more experience in this class so they'll probably be playing catchup at the start. With GM in recent trouble they might not have as much support from the factory like they did back when they did the GT1 program. But I believe they'll be fighting for the win at Petit Le Mans.

posted by  fudge

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