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who is your favorite driver in any kind of racing?
mine is Jeg Coughlin a NHRA pro stock driver.

posted by  archangle

Katsuhiro Ueo
D1 drift grandprix
toyota AE86 sprinter trueno (corolla)

posted by  mazda6man

heres a pic of him in action
http://popularmechanics.com/automotive/motor_sports/2003/10/drifting/images /tb_image8-sm.jpg

posted by  mazda6man

cool pic

posted by  archangle

why yes sir it is

posted by  mazda6man

My favorite Driver is Heinz-Harald Frentzen, he is driving in the DTM-Series.

He is the one standing beneath the red car.

http://www.opel-performance.com/images/2004/performance/dtm/00_vorsaison/03 _vorstellung_03_g.jpg

posted by  Diewaldo

GOTTA GO WITH PETTER IN WRC! (he is driving for the good team.... thus he is in a SUBARU IMPREZA WRC!)

posted by  StiMan

IMO, the world's best drivers are:

1. Michael Schumacher
2. Ayrton Senna (god bless him)
3. Niki Lauda (retired)
4. Juha Kankkuunen (retired, maybe coming back sometimes)
5. Colin McRae :smoke:

posted by  lutz

1.juan pablo montoya
2.Bernd Schneider
3.Tommi Mäkinen
4.Tetsuya Kawasaki


posted by  Lukaz

You seem to have missed John Surtees from that list...World champion in cars, and on bikes!


posted by  heebee

1. Michael Schumacher - I noticed him when he just started his career :) he's the best
2. David Coulthard

posted by  tanoshii

agreed and i also like Tsuchiya AKA the drift king

posted by  High Octane

Dale Earnhardt JR.

http://www.nascar.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/2003/05/13/dale_jr/carsracin g2_c_mar.jpg

posted by  Satty101


posted by  High Octane

What kind of a chicknsh*t, uncalled for response is that? Nobody asked for your meaningless opinion on someone else's favorite driver. If Jr is Satty's favorite driver then so be it. He's not mine but then this IS an opinion question.

Who is your favorite driver you candyass little wannabe? Do you even know the names of any real racing drivers or is all of your automotive knowledge derived from the video games you claim to be addicted to? What form of racing is your favorite, tell us why and tell us a little bit about it. Just because your life has no meaning (your words, not mine) is no reason to call someone a name who is interested enough to name their driver.

Personally I feel this question is just a little too broad. There are simply too many different forms of racing and too many series to pick just one driver. But if forced to come up with one I'll chose my wife who is this year bracket racing her (our) '73 Satellite.

posted by  vwhobo

Haha, thats funny how you say "forced" Hobo. You should let her read that to get on her good side(in the event that she ever gets mad at you) :)

posted by  DSMer

Michael Schumacher is undoubtedly the best modern racing driver. Look out for Jenson Button though over the next few years ;)

posted by  Bluesuit

Jos Verstappen,
Michael Schumacher old team mate, is a great F1 driver. It was bad luck that he missed out during his early years and then in recent years too. But i'm sure he'll be back, much tougher.

posted by  CAMEL

you god damn ignorameus, i wanst waging a personal attack on satty, in fact i actually have a mutual respect for him after viewing many of his posts. it was a damn joke you fool. anyway what are you, his bitch. if so satty did a good job training you. :asshake:

anyway satty if i offended you in any way please accept my apoligies. i have given nascar a few chances and in the beginning and the end are the only times im ever really into it, i feel it is repetetive and i personally like kenseth.

posted by  High Octane

Dale Earnhardt JR.
But my first choice would have been Dale Earnhardt SR.

posted by  nascarfan3

I agree with the earlier post...it's too hard to chose just ONE driver/rider as a top favorite....that said I will always root for the following:

Kimi & David in their McLarens
Jimmy Vasser
Scott Pruett (raced karts against him....well I saw him lap me several times)
Jimmy Johnson
Gary Densham
Steve Johnson
Bostrom Bros
Jake Zemke
Colin Edwards
Kenny Roberts Jr
hell this could go on for ever............. :sleep:

posted by  Gomez85

100% agree. Good choice. :thumbs:

High Octane, I'll accept your apologies even though there is no need for them. I assumed you wer just messin around in the first place. Just do NOT argue with VWhobo. He's been here longer than damn near everyone on the board and I have not ONCE seen him lose a flame war. He's the kind of guy you want to be on the good side of, not the side you're on now. Trust me on this.

Hobo, got any pics of that Satellite? :mrgreen:

posted by  Satty101

i am soo damn happy you arent furious at me at i am glad things are cool with you. thanks for the advice on hobo but what he's got to understand is that it was a joke, i really didnt come here to argue with him, honest. by the way i still like kenseth more than earndhart jr. he's got an unpredictable style.

posted by  High Octane

Jeff Gordan from NASCAR...

posted by  The_Wheelman

the schumacher boys ralf n michael certainly are not to be messed with.. i still like pablo montoya though :thumbs:

i dunno if anyone rememmbers the legendary Ayrton Senna. I actully watched that in 1994 in then san marino gp when he went off track and ended his life.
R.I.P senna

posted by  Lukaz

Michael Galati is my favorite in Grand Touring. He drives the Audi RS6 In the GT Class of the World Touring Challenge. Max Angelelli isn't bad either. He drives the CTS-V race car.

In the Touring class, I'll have to go with Pierre Kleinubing. He drives the Acura TSX and just recently brought home a victory at the Laguna Seca raceway. Althought my props go out to Shauna Marinus in the Mazda 6. One of the few women in (she may be the only) in a mans sport. Shes holding her own. Two great drivers but Bill Auberlen and Nic Jhonson seem to dominate the touring class with their BMW of North America 325i's

posted by  DSMer

V8 supercar driver
Marcus Ambrose
if i can find out how to put a picture on, i will

if u want plz tell me how to!

posted by  moove


posted by  moove

I know that for a fact.. lol..

posted by  StiMan

1.Colin McRae is the best driver he's done rally and he's now or was doing dakar rally.

2.jensen button is second cause next year he's gonna win f1.

3.micheal schumacher is third cause he's won 2 seasons on the trot in f1. :clap:

posted by  Aaron@carforum


MARKO MARTIN : WORLD RALLY (FORD)http://www.wrc.com/ULImages/Profiles/Profiles_Car/duval-fre-italy-04- 20_thumb.gif

posted by  SCARECRW

[QUOTE=vwhobo]What kind of a chicknsh*t, uncalled for response is that? Nobody asked for your meaningless opinion on someone else's favorite driver. If Jr is Satty's favorite driver then so be it. He's not mine but then this IS an opinion question.[\QUOTE]

FLAME HIM! BURN HIM AT THE STAKE! While calling him a redneck was uncalled for, let's give him a chance to back up what he says. Why do you think liking dale jr classifies you as a redneck? if we just bash on him, we look like the salem mob.

BTT. i would choose michael schumacher, but people keep saying that it's the car. Is this true? What blasphamy! Is it that he drives a faster car, or he's an incredibly good driver or a combo of both?

posted by  Godlaus

Marcos Ambrose is a tough driver. And he's from Tassie too. And so am I.
It good to have such a sucessful 'local' driver back in the ranks, beating EVERYONE :smoke:

posted by  CAMEL

my dad, open class pro rally champion

posted by  speedbiscuit


posted by  StiMan

Petter Solberg definetly. He drives for Subaru and the best! There's only a couple other people that are as good as Petter and those people are Sebasion Loeb and Michael Schumacher.

posted by  tater tot

I'm surprised you ricers have'nt said Stephen Papadakis yet. I mean he only races the fastest honda in the world. Something like 6 seconds on the quartermile?

posted by  DSMer

because drag racing really isnt all that skilled

all you need is reflexes, and even then you could do it with a bit of anticipation

posted by  joshf2

Keiichi Tsuchiya, aka Drift King.

http://img181.exs.cx/img181/1179/keiichi15wk.jpghttp://img181.exs.cx/img181 /9938/323ae86sig5te.jpg

posted by  GreekWarrior

Carlos Sainz WRC


I liked him best w/Corolla although he won a championship w/Ford...but he races Citroen now...c'sera c'sera

Allan McNish


Raced for Toyota F1..but I like him best when we was racing the Audi R8's and just whipping up everyone!!!

Steve Millen


They didnt have a pic of him but that's him in there and that's where I like him from...his brother is good too...Rod Millen...and his son is better than him...Rhys Millen...man that guy can drive!!!


posted by  NISSANSPDR

:eek: You should be slapped with the hands of the car gods themselves. You obviously don't know the first thing about drag racing if you think that all it takes. Don't know whose been blowing smoke up your ass but you have been misinformed.

posted by  DSMer

DSMer, what does it take and why is it hard to drag race? all you do is go straight?

posted by  CarEXPERT

Kinda hard to hold 1000 horses steady, and watch more closely on TV, they're actually trying too keep the car straight. Reaction time, shifting, etc. etc. DSM can go more into detail about these things.

posted by  Godlaus

I'd rather not. Those details are certain things that can only be explained through the actual experience. But I think you got the jist of it and for that I thank you.

posted by  DSMer

Then, I take it you've driven 500+ hp beasts down the line? Man... I'm jealous. I've never even driven a car that hits beneath the 17 sec range.

posted by  Godlaus

I dragged a Supra, the fighting you get from those things when the tires are trying to grip is unbelievable. I've driven a WRX a couple of times. Alot of Talons and Eclipses and I'm still awaiting my father to let me drive his Trans AM :drool: in something other than the parking lot. He says I'm not ready for it, and I'm probably not but dammit I wanna try.

Drag racing(LEGALLY) is alot of fun. The practice laps and learning your car is always good. Tuning the car, or taking it to people who know how to tune, can always boost the brain cells.

posted by  DSMer

so i spose you think its so much more difficult, or on par with rallying, or circuit racing?


posted by  joshf2

No thats what YOU suppose from what you think I've said. I've never been rallying nor circuit racing but I have attended a few cone events so I'll have to say drag racing is up there in difficulty.

From your biased judgments I can obvously conclude that you have done neither, as anyone with any sort of track experience(straight line or curves) would no defame another form of sanctified racing. They all have their challenges and I'm at no position to say anyone is better than the other regardless to how much of either I've done. So sorry to say that you are also in that same boat.

posted by  DSMer

well from being from nascar country,im going to say jeff gordon & jimmy johnson!!!! :thumbs:

posted by  racefan2448

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