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My favourite Race is always the 24h Race at German Nürburgring (aka "The Green Hell").

This one is really big, even bigger than the one in Le Mans. Way more cars, way more supporters.

Some photos of this years race:






posted by  Diewaldo

Yeah indeed m8, 24h Nurburg is an excellent race, superb competition, awesome cars, an a very nice setting.
If Im not mistaken this year 2 M3-GTR were in the first places.. :smoke:

posted by  Starscream13

Yes, indeed you are right, the two BMW were the winners of this years race. Weather conditions were horrible this year - it always change between rain and no rain, some parts of the Nürburgring were dry, some always wet. You couldn't drive on slicks in a good way, but you couldn't on rain tyres either, was some sort of a big gamble.

Opel threw it all away, both cars crashed in the night, one they could bring back to track, it crashed again, they repaired it again, but it took them too long to have any chance left to win!

By the way, the black Porsche with the green stripe in the middle, the Alzen Porsche, was one hell of a monster. it had around 700 hp, bi-turbo! In Training the fastest lap it did was 8:19.228. This is a fantastic time. The second fastest, the DTM Opel Astra needed 8:30.350 (which is also a very good time, after all)!

By the way, I was born just beneath the Nürburgring, in the beautiful city of Adenau.


posted by  Diewaldo

I love this race, these cars are awesome. If one were painted a solid color I would'nt mind driving on on the street. Where the Mercedes CLK? I believe there is one in this race correct?

posted by  DSMer

Yeap I think that there were a couple of CLK-DTM cars.
Diewaldo, where did u find these pics?

Do u see how close to the cicuit is the crowd? In the 1st pic u can clearly see this. :screwy:

posted by  Starscream13

There were no CLK's or C-Classes from Mercedes in the Race! Only the DTM TT's and Astra's. And also some V8-Star cars were in it, too!

The picture were the crowd is so next to the track is from the pre-starting lap. They make also a corso with all the race cars through the city of Adenau one or two days before the race is started, it's very impressive! Since the starting list was 270 cars big!

The drivers of these cars came from 22 different Nations. 632 drivers were from Germany. Great Britain comprises the next biggest grouping with 38 drivers, followed by Austria (21), Italy (20), Switzerland and Sweden (both 17 competitors). The other nations are: Australia (15), Japan (12), France (11), Monaco (10), U.S.A, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (each 6), Belgium (5), Norway (3), Spain and Portugal (both 2). One driver each is competing for Andorra, Denmark, Greece and New Zealand.

Starting List (http://adac.24h-rennen.de/pdf/Starterliste_2004.pdf)

The pictures are taken from the official Homepage:

24 h Race (http://adac.24h-rennen.de/index.asp?sprache=eng&content=)

Informations about the Nürburgring Nordschleife

The Nordschleife – 33 left turns and 40 right turns meander through the „Eifel” – is unique. The complete race track is 25.359 km long and full of every driving challenge you can think of: Some of them are well known all over the world, like „Karussell”, „Brünnchen” or the endless straight „Döttinger Höhe” with the tricky left turn at the end. Some Grand Prix drivers founded their reputation and fame by winning on the Nordschleife – like Jackie Stewart (1968) or Jacky Ickx (1969).

Loveletters To The Nordschleife

„The Nürburgring is the circuit, on wich every race driver just wants to win, once. ”
(Jackie Stewart, F1-champion 1996, 1971 and 1973 )

„For me, the Ring is the most beautiful and most difficult racetrack in the world. By the way, the Nürburgring is also my son´s favourite. ”
(Hans Stuck, father of Hans-Joachim Stuck – one of the most popular drivers in Germany – F1 with Brabham in the 70s)

„I think, the Nürburgring is THE racetrack, on which a driver can work wonders, in case he knows the Ring by heart.””
(Juan Manuel Fangio, five times F1-champion )

„The Nürburgring – patriarch among all racetracks! ”
(Dan Gurney, American F1-heroe, founder of All American Racers )

„I am happy and proud that my name is on the list of winners of the Nürburgring. This is to be my favourite memory of my career as a grand prix driver. ”
(Jacky Ickx, runner-up in F1-championship 1969 and 1970 – drove for Ferrari)

Worth Knowing
1925: Official start of construction of the circuit on September, 27th.
1927: Opening event: The GP of Deutschland at June, 19th.
1971: Modification of the Nordschleife, previously caused by a boycott of the grand prix drivers in 1970.
1977: The NBR-GmbH made their decision about the construction of a short track in addition.
1984: Completion of the new „Südschleife” on May, 12th.
Length: 20,832 km Nordschleife, 4,556 km grand prix circuit.

posted by  Diewaldo

Wow, I d/l the drivers list, and I saw a Greek driver. Didnt know we had a Greek driver at the race. Very nice :thumbs:

Now as for the site, i found also this one :www.nurburgring.de . It has many pics, and a 10min video footage. :mrgreen:

Diewaldo did u attend the race?

posted by  Starscream13

I must admit that I was not there this year! But a lot of my friends were there, and believe me - they made me regret it. :ohcrap:

I watched it on TV, as a German sports-channel was covering it.

And now I have a photo that shows why the Alzen Porsche could not win, it had some problems in overtaking! :laughing:

http://adac.24h-rennen.de/images/news/original/Marcel_Geritan-20046301473.j pg

So it was a Start - Finish double victory for BMW!


posted by  Diewaldo

Is there any website where I can get the same information in English please? Its kinda hard to find my way arround the site looking at funny words.

You sure there was no CLK touring car, becuase usually the Astra touring car is always where the Mercedes CLK is?

posted by  DSMer

There were no CLK's in the Race, that's for sure! Mercedes had no own cars in that race.

Here is your link to the English site:

English Website (http://adac.24h-rennen.de/index.asp?sprache=eng&content=)

posted by  Diewaldo

i hope that this year (an for the next few races) the M3's will win again because they are by far some of the best cars out on the grid.
GO BMW!!!!!!! :thumbs:

posted by  D4NDO

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