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After having a load of F1 cars driving around London (some thing to do with promoting Silverstone) It got people talking about having a Grand Prix in London aswell as Silverstone. Here is a bit more info (
I think its a great idea :thumbs: Just wanted to see what you lot think of it ?

posted by  Car Nirvana

But why london why not have it moving around the country may be a diffrent GP city every year, it would make it alot more exciting, imagine, paris, berlin, birmingham, edinburgh. May be not have the race circuit in that country that year. would make it a once in a decade opertunity to go and see the races.

but imagine the chaos a F! weekend would cause in london as it would mean london, whihc is the finacial capital of the world would have to shut for thurs to monday!

posted by  cinqyg

Because they dont want it otherwise they would have said something

The people who organise these things arnt stupid so they would plan it so it works. :thumbs:

posted by  Car Nirvana

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