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Question to ask you all, should the British GP be moved to London rather than Silverstone, or keep it at Silverstone?


posted by  Raz1

I don't know England well enough, but I think (personal opinion) that Silverstone has a legendary name in the world of motorsports. It would be not a good idea to move the F1 to London, especially for those racing teams which have their test centers closed to Silverstone. London doesn't really need a F1 GP. :smoke:

posted by  lutz

Yeah i do have to agree with you there!, London would be a fantastic street circuit like monaco but that's it! Silverstone is some what special

posted by  Raz1

Word of advice, look before you post
because there is already a topic about this (named 'London GP')

posted by  Car Nirvana

I heard there might be a steat race in london, just like at monaco... i also heard there might be one at NY, but these are just rumors :doh:

posted by  policeman1313

No think of the fact that when they had the people all around it for one day and london stoped but how would they stop london for what 3 days maybe 4

posted by  Lee Vilenski

umm... why should the F1 GP be moved to London??? Silverstone has one of the best circuit in the world and it should be kept there...

posted by  NouvelleChicane

NouvelleChicane: Nice Sig! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

:smoke: ehm.... thanks

posted by  NouvelleChicane

I personally dont like the silverstone outlay of the track
just seems boring and repeatitve

whoever said it would be a bad idea because teams are situated there is absoutly right
it would be bad for teams because these multi million dollar racing teams dont want to be testing at a circuit no longer in the championship
and so they would have to move oversea's which will cost a lot of money and we will see a quick deminsh in motorsport technology

but this little deminish wont last long
as soon teams get back on there feet from moving they will continue improving

i would think having the GP set in london would be a great idea
you can only drool watching the fastest machines in the world racing around londons streets at 300km+ (they are thinking about putting the race in the streets not a permanent enclosed circut? )

posted by  DamienAKAaussie

bring it to london ;)

posted by  Amras

I think it would be a great idea to bring it to London. Maybe even think about getting a second event so as to keep Silverstone too. I love the Melbourne Grand Prix which uses part of the city roads, and i think maybe using like Marble Arch and Park Lane would be really cool. And who knows, now that that dumb arse Bernie has decided to keep the Britsh Grand Prix (yeah! like he ever really intended on Loosing it) we may see it happen.
As Lee pointed out, it did stop London for most of the day when they went down Oxfor/Regents street. It probably would make loads of Chaos, but it would also increase the fan base which must be a good thing (Although Silverstone is sold out in advance every bloody year).

posted by  terribleturner

my opinion is that it should stay at sliverstone cause like lutz said its legendary in the world of motorsport.

posted by  Aaron@carforum

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