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Hey. I'm lookin for a used dirt bike. I am 15 and 5'4. I weigh 120 pounds. Never have ridden a dirt bike before, just looking to have some fun offroading. What would the price range be? What specifically is a good bike for beginners that I could afford?

posted by  Jake123x2

Heres a nice bike to start you off, i dont know around what price range you looking Honda Bike (http://www.4strokes.com/models/honda/2002/xr250r.asp)

You can get used ones for as low as 1g
But yeah i would go with a honda there good for dirt bikes :thumbs:

posted by  Eclipse_2004

Do you want it for competition or just for fun? I personally would say that Honda and Kawasaki are the right ones cause those bikes can take some punishment :smoke:

Which class are you prefer (what engine)? Then I can tell you more about.

It would be no problem to buy a good one from 1984 to 1998. Especially the early ones are still very good and affordable. The reliability is also very good. (Kawa)

posted by  lutz

honestly I wouldn't go any higher than a 125cc judging by your weight, height and experiance.

Also go for the older 2 stroke like lutz was saying. yamaha are always good and easy to mess with.
I dont know if the honda dirt bikes are similar to the road 2strokes? but if they are I would steer clear for a while. Just having the nickel plated barrel makes them more expensive to rebore when you need to.
I had great fun on my old ts125 and yz125. forget the power valve models too, (just in my opinion).

yamaha is probably the best of the two, lightest, ect. when your ready just bore out 2mm add bigger jets in the carb and get the right pipe with light wadding and have fun.
the good thing is too, they're so easy to fix if you break em.

posted by  Unlicensed

for u i would go for at least a honda 100--hondas a good company to go with...thats the only thing i would ride...if ya have any questions just im me at xangelkisses507x...the price range would prolly be around 900-1,500 at least...for a used bike a new one is at least 2,400
--live to die, live to die riding

posted by  xangelkisses507

at 13 i was like 5'6 120lbs and my dad bought a 1982 yamaha yz250 primed for ice racing, he took the ice jets out cuz it was way too much for even him. i couldn't even touch the ground but he said id grow into it, needless to say i ran from cops and smoked a truck in the wrong lane broke my right(and writing)arm and had a cast for 5 months. i guess the moral of this story would be.... go big or go home! but don't drive on the wrong side of the road. coulda kept the bike forever cuz it still rocks even when your an old man looking for your youth again.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

:hi: I think you should start off with a 90cc dirt bike it gose plenty fast and could get one farely reasonable at $600 to $700. I would go with a Yahama!

posted by  darrj

those where wonderful bikes!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by  franktank563

If your just plannin on going once in a while I would suggest either a honda xr 100, or maybe a kawasaki 80, I wouldnt really reccamend going over a 125 for now, and stick with a 2 stroke or a low tech 4 stroke, because its easyer to work on. Dont forget to mix the gas on a 2 stroke lol :laughing: (disasterous results)

posted by  Gibson_RockerSG

i started off with a honda cr80 when i was about 11, and thats when i was 5'4. real sweet bikes. now im 15 and i got a cr125 and i was wonderin where i cud get a cheap 100cc bore kit for an 80cc dirtbike such as a kx80, cr80, yz80, etc. for my friend cuz he just bought a kx80. thanks for the help

posted by  CRider125

Why ask at a 'Car forum'....it seems your main interest is bikes?....and this thread is extreamly old too!

posted by  Cliffy

Awwww, i wanted to reply but now i know its old =[

posted by  RMrider

A crf 250. Somewhere around $5000 to $6000. If i were you i would try to find one of these on e bay because you could proubally find one cheap. This bike is awsome.:) suspension,power everything is good on this bike.

posted by  ZondaC12s

If your still wondering now... or for anyone looking at this thread.... you should forget honda and yamaha and kawasaki...get a ktm there a lil more money but there really dependable bikes and they have guts... and plus ...orange is faster

posted by  redneckrider

:o asdasdas

posted by  thomas232

i have seen some bikes from yamaha for about 800 that would be perfect for you. check craigslist, maybe you cna find a sweet deal

posted by  NoParkingMeters

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