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My favourite track of all time is

BATHURST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :guns:

posted by  moove

Bathurst is by far the best track in the world. No other track can compare to it.

The second best track in the world in the old Adelaide F1 street circuit.
I go to bathurst every year and camp up on the mountain it is crazy.
Have americans seen this circuit.

posted by  MONARO

you come up here do ya
well i LIVE here
and that is no joke
if u want, give me a proof question!

posted by  moove

Wow. Aren't you special. :wink2:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Really? Not even Le Mans? Monaco? Spa? Nurburgring?

It's possible that it's the best track in Australia. But then, Paul Hogan is the most famous actor in Australia, and Fosters is the best lager in Australia. And I couldn't give a rat's a*** about either of them.

posted by  heebee

i stand by my coment no european track is better that bathurst. what track is there mountains a huge straight, ultra tight corners it is a great spectial

posted by  MONARO

I guess you got us there Boopsie. I can name several tracks throughout the world with mountains, long straights and tight corners but not a single one with "a great spectial". Hell, I don't even know what that means. Must be one of those stupid Aussy words. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

stupid aussie words have you seen the pics on you posts.
It is an incredible track you. if you watch V8 supercars you would no what i mean

posted by  MONARO

What about IOM "TT"?

(Where the H{[^ is Bathurst?

posted by  KenF


Bathurst is in the former prison colony, known as Australia.

I didn't think of the TT. That is a pretty special track/island. I'd say it was a close call between Isle of Man and Nurburgring: both are incredibly dangerous, very long and technically challenging, and have a wonderful history.

posted by  heebee

what about that track in germany yeah i've forgot what its called :banghead: .

posted by  Aaron@carforum

Best track in America: Laguna Seca...no other circuit in the world has a corkscrew liek it does...although i may be wrong...

Best track in Europe: Nurburgring...quite possibly the most difficult and longest track to navigate...

I don't know any tracks from Austrailia or South America or Russia...so I can't really say for those areas...

posted by  PeteBobJoe

My vote would have to go to the Nordschleife at Nurburgring. Considered by many to be the most challenging track in the world.

There is none greater nor more respected:

http://www.bikeworld-nuerburgring.de/uploads/tx_qwertcontentbox/Luftaufnahm e-Nordschleife.jpg

http://www.bikeworld-nuerburgring.de/uploads/tx_qwertcontentbox/Nordschleif eCaracciola-Karussell1.jpg


posted by  Gothicaleigh

Bathurst, while being a respected track in it's own right with it's 90 degree turns and elevation changes, pales in comparison to the legendary Nordschleife.




posted by  Gothicaleigh

My vote goes to Nurburgring for difficulty and long lap times.

posted by  abless

Ive always wondered what the spray paint all over the track at Nurburgring is...Anyone know?

posted by  Zalight

I don;t know for sure, but I imagine it's like the spray paint in the tour de france, to show their support for the drivers, regardless if they can read it or not.

posted by  Godlaus

In NA...it has to be Laguna Seca

In Europe...Nurburgring

In Asia...Suzuka

posted by  NISSANSPDR

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