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Hi i would love to build my self a ford escort to race, you know roll caige , road holding....
If any one has some advice or even plans . I would be great full thanks

posted by  frans

No point to do up a Ford Escort unless it's an original Cosworth (my opinion), not one of those fake ones badged with the emblem.

posted by  Zenith

mmmmmmm cosworth :thumbs:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

the escort rs cosworth was the best rally car ever made the only problem was, in england, they got nicked to much, when my dad was 27 he got one an by the time he sold it when he was 31 it had been nicked 3 times. we have a cosworth now that is track ready and sometimes we take it to the odd track day and i have ago. the roll cage was bought off an english site, demon tweaks, if you are american then i dont know if you canorder from other there.

posted by  D4NDO

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