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Is this possible? Im 16 and I own a naturaly aspirated 1994 300zx. I was just wondering if there was any way to get it supercharged or turbocharged without having to sell my car and buy a twin turbo 300zx. I bought my car thinking it was possible to mod it out moderatly easy...but it turns out its quite hard with the naturaly aspirated engine. Is there anything else i could to do significantly increase horsepower? Any possible help would be greatly appriciated.

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posted by  300zxBoy

Sure can. Although supercharging would be the absolute wrong way to go. I suggest saving up for a VG30DETT motor (they are only $2k) rather trying to TT your old N/A VG30DE.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Thanks for the reply! So youre saying an engine swap... sounds fun but expensive. Any thoughts on how much it would cost after its all done(after paying someone to swap it)? Would there be anything else i need to change to accomodate the more powerful engine?

Why would supercharging be bad? Just because of the compression ratio?

posted by  300zxBoy


Need Adobe to read it

posted by  NISSANSPDR

not judging but why do you want to beef up your 300zx? you should just drive the shit out of it and get a TT later in life. the 300zx is a fast car and unless you take it out to the track theres no reason to put a turbo on it. a turbo is just an extra thing that could break.

posted by  choke

While he already posted it above, all the differences, I still recommend doing the entire swap. Now $6k is steep, but you can keep a lot of your parts on your N/A 300zx they say you 'can' change and save a bit of cash. I personally know the guys at Z1 (as I live not far from them) and $6k is really a big premium, but they do an excellent job. You could buy the motor/tranny all electrical stuff with it and have a Nissan specialty shop do it and probably spend no more than $3500-$4000 which is a lot cheaper than buying a used 300zxtt ($10k-$15k for the decent ones). Good thing is you have an ultra low mileage motor when you buy that used VG30DETT engine (usually have between 20-40k miles on them) compared to a used 300zxtt which will have over 100k on it. You could rebuild your VG30DE but really would still cost A LOT of money and not have all the 'other' parts needed and end up costing about the same.

posted by  thunderbird1100

The N/A 300zx is not a quick car by any sports car means. It only has 222hp 198tq and weighs a portly 3300lbs. Most drivers I see can usually run no faster than 14.7s-14.8s in them, and those are the GOOD drivers with them. the lot of N/A Z32 300zx people cant even get out of the 15s with them. Dropping a VG30DETT in there would take his 1/4 time from a best of 14.8ish down to 13.3-13.5 with just the swap (and he would get to keep the cooler 4.08 gears instead of the 300zxtt stockers (which are 3.69's).

posted by  thunderbird1100

alright, ill start saving up for the swap then... i really appriciate all of your responses, theyve been a HUGE help to me. Im feelin better about my crappy descision now...thanks!

posted by  300zxBoy

How'd you manage to afford a 94 300zx? :P

posted by  ThirdeYe

lots and lots of lawns have been mowed... no not really. I simply did my best in school, and saved my money. I was lucky enough to find a mint condition n/a for $6800. Parents payed a little, but the majority was earned by me over a good 4 years.

posted by  300zxBoy

So your 16 so how much money do you pay for insurance? What grades do you get to get a discount?

posted by  CarEXPERT

im getting a GPA of 3.6, you get a discount on insurance as long as you have 3.1. right now, I chose to do collision for the first six months of me driving the car, thats $1500 every 6 months. when i take off collision it will be around $700.

posted by  300zxBoy

i always wanted a 300zx... with a vg30dett

ill just stay with my celica...

posted by  Mrixon

yeah...as soon as i drove up in my 300z, all my freinds were all "ahh man lemme drive it!" Honestly i think my social status rank went up significantly with this thing. Even though its not that fast compared to others, it looks like a babe, and handles pretty well. Since its my first car, I cant really complain here...

posted by  300zxBoy

hey, I have a 92 na, and this is the road I took. Cost me about $4300, but has worked well for me. I am friends with a guy that owns a shop, and what he did was take a fmax turbo for another nissan and modify it. I have a t68 turbo, and most of the other parts fit. boost control, turbotimer, intercooler, everything, and I got about 110 hp out of it. that with my ecu, exhaust, intake, headers and cams netted me about 390 rwhp. I have put about 15k miles on it since then without any problems. I know he had to change some other things, but it only cost me 4300. I considered the engine swap, or selling the na to get the tt, but since I had a 92 that only had 35k on it, I wated to keep the solid platform. I knew the origional owner and knew that it was never dogged, and to me that was worth keeping over buying a tt that could have been ragged...just a thought. if anyone knows what exactly has to be done to add a turbo, please post. If not I will talk to the guy that did mine and find out.

posted by  Fattyhoon

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