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Great Audi A4 snow test video

posted by  Masher

:? i didnt see an a4 snow test..i saw some chinese people signing blues music :doh:

posted by  Eclipse_2004

bo! what you did? i can see it perfectly

posted by  Masher

It worked fine for me, and it's pretty cool, but not very believable :ohcrap:

posted by  RusMan

Blah, lots of cars could do that with studded tires. Every car is as good as the next on snow, the only difference is tire size. My car for instence has 215's, I plowed through 8+ inch snow this winter during a blizzard while some brand new civic got stuck because of it's 185's or so. Therefore, that's nothing special. That thing's probably AWD also. Other than that, when are you going to be going up a 45 degree hill, planning on teaching your Audi how to ski? That's just a pointless test.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

obviously the skinnier the tire the better traction the vehicle is going to get in the snow (because it all comes down to weight distribution). grand prix's weigh abomut 100,000 pounds :). light cars don't handle so well, and that's why you see skinnier tires on lighter cars, to compensate for the pounds per in the tire is receiving with the road. my escort gt has 195/65/r15's on it. 195 denotes the width of the tire, and 65 means 65% of that width is on the side wall. put that with a car that weighs around 1500 pounds, and obviously this thing is terrible in the snow.

posted by  carls47807

haha, it doesn't way QUITE that much, I'd say about... hmm... 99,999 sounds about right. But yah, that car is a heavy bastard.. took 4 guys to push it into the shop when the motor popped on me. But anyway, the bigger the tire the better the traction on the snow, I know it has to push all all the snow out of the way, but if you have a decent winter/all season tire(which I have because I'm not changing my tires every 6 months), all that tire will bite what it has to bite and will have no problem pushing it. For instence, my olds was the worst car in the world for getting stuck in winter, heavier car than my GP too, but all it had was 195's, I probably got stuck 4 or 5 times last winter, my GP got through this winter without getting stuck once, and this winter was much(did I mention MUCH?) worse than the last.

Let's just all agree that that really didn't prove anything other than you can take your audi to your ski lesson on top of the hill. I'd be more impressed if they tried to get that car through a foot of snow on the flat.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Not so, thinner (by which i mean less wide, not less rubber) tires are better for getting through the snow, because they are able to cut through the snow and find pavement.

posted by  Mathew

There almost is never pavement under snow, almost all the time it's ice, or compacted snow, you never touch pavement when driving on snow.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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