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I am currently attempting to transfer a station wagon into a high performance vehicle based on all of the negative feedback as far as "it'll never happen" and "yeah right" kind of comments. its currently a 2.8L FWD all stock, or as the phrase is for 10+ yr. old cars, All Original under the hood and roof. I am currently doing a FULL Interior conversion that is pretty simple based on a mix of common knowledge and common sense. Ive got a great deal coming up for paint as far as the exterior is concerned, It will be ALL Black with the exception of a small amount of chrome. so thats all covered.

Right now what I need and seek from yall is a little piece of your imagination, your 2 cents on what to do about the engine. Now, Putting in a new engine is a definate but I dont know where to begin or what to go after, I have heard from a friend that a 4.3 FWD engine would fit but a mechanic told me thats ubsurd. He said best bet was to attempt for a FWD-RWD Transition. Now I am looking for any idea creative or anything, based on fact though, Because as much as I wish it was, an F16 Jet Engine is out of he question. If there are any experts on this issue feel free to email me (listed below)

This cars future is already done and everything except the engine wil be done and complete in 2 months... Why so long? Homemade Custom Interior EX: Custom Sub Boxes, airbrushed dash + glovebox +seats, list is too long and ive got to stop typing (both wrists are sprained) thank you for your time yall, cya.

posted by  Level954

FWD to RWD is extremely difficult and could potentially cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. It's not just changing something small around, you'd basically have a whole new car by the time you were done.

posted by  Mathew

hahahahaha Now I wonder why he said that... could it have anything to do with all the money he'd make?

You're wasting your money on that car. You'll never get any of it back, and no matter what you do to it, in the end no matter how nice it is it's still going to be a $4000 car. Get a real car if you want to tune it. In the end you're just going to be pissed at yourself otherwise.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Hmmm. I had some similar ideas for a Olds Cutlass Ciera wagon, only I was going to use the turbo 3.8 V6 from a GN/Syclone and go AWD. A RWD conversion using an older small block V8 could run as little as $2k if you fabbed a lot of it yourself. I know *I* could do it for that. Detailing and making it show-worthy might cost more, but it could still be done under $5k and be very unique.

My concept was to follow in the footsteps of a modded Audi RS4 wagon, but starting with a $400 GM wagon base, and a wrecked Syclone for the AWD setup. It could be done for less than a qarter the cost of an actual RS4 and be even MORE unique.

posted by  ChrisV

Ever here the phrase one man's trash is another man's treasure ? In high school I had a 1969 Torino squire wagon that I drooped a .30 over windsor, a c-6 with a 2500 stall, 9in rear with 3.89 gears. Guess what I was eating alot of cars. Sleepers are cool. My advice is to go with a Grand National drive train, and then blow 88grandprix boy's doors clean off !! :2cents:

posted by  ode94

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