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EDIT: Oops i left out my headpiece im thinkging about. Its at the bottom now

This isnt what i have... this is what i am considering and pricing. So any comments and suggestions would be GREAT!

My car: '97 Olds Cutlass Supreme.

Front 5-1/4": Sony XS-V1335X ( eatures_and_specs&i=158XS1335) (i know sony aint great but its the only thing i could find with 50rms for from 5-1/4's and that are 3-way)

Rear 6"x9": Kenwood KFC-6989ie ( eatures_and_specs&i=113KFC6989)

Two 10" Subs: Kenwood KFC-W2509 ( eatures_and_specs&i=113W2509)

2 channel Sub Amp: Rockford Fosgate Punch 201S ( ailed_info&i=575201S)

4 Channel Speaker Amp: Rockford Fosgate P4004 ( 4004)

If you guys could please tell me what you think of this and make sure i wont blow out any of my speakers or fry anything i would sppreciate it!

Radio REciever: Pioneer DEH-P6700MP ( &search=Pioneer+DEH%2DP6700MP)

posted by  Anthony212

Just satay away from Sony. Period. You can make brackets or whatever you want to fit a smaller speaker like I did, my front has 4x6's stock, so I made a bracket to fit my 3 1/2" MB Quarts (Extremely good speakers if you want quality, though pricey)

I'm personally not fond of Kenwood speakers. They're over-priced if you ask me. Check out concept speakers, they're definately one of the best speakers for the price.

I've never heard them so you're on your own for that. As I said, I don't like Kenwood speakers.

You're going to under-power your subs with that, also, get a mono amp, you don't want or need two channels for subs. Try and get an amp with about a 350 rms area. That'll make it pound pretty good.

Take a look into alpine 4-channel amps, I really like the quality of the sound that they produce. I stand by Alpine speaker amps. Rockford is really only good for making sub amps. You could also look up Pheonix Gold amps, they're very pretty cosmetically, and good quality to top it off.

Hope I've been of help

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

You have been ALOT of help.

But i have a couple questions.. i Private Messaged them to you.

posted by  Anthony212

The only thing worth getting on that list is the Pioneer HU.

Sony SUCKS in car audio, PERIOD.
Kenwood isn't much better.

Looking at your budget for your speakers I'd suggest some Pioneers. they sound better than Kenwood's and wont break the bank. I had some of the TS-A series (1680R's) and they sounded great for the money ($35 when i got them).

Front door - (they will fit with a little modification, helps when you have the 6x9's out back to just get a 4-channel amp that's a true 40-50x4rms b/c the 5.25" might not be able to handle the power and you dont want to underpower the 6x9s to properly power the 5.25")
Rear Door -

For the price there isnt much better out there for those speakers.

Cheap good subs -> Volfenhag DVC all aluminums

And those subs can really handle around 600-650rms quite effortlessly.

As for amps this is what I would do. Alpine makes an excellent amp but it will cost you. If you can afford it get the MRV-F340 from them ($199 at ikesound) to power the Pioneer's. Want something a little cheaper, get a refurbished Kicker KX350.4 ($130 at ikesound). As for a sub amp look into Hifonics mono amps.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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