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2 15' Subwoofers, Kicker Impulse
1000 watt amp
4 6x9's rear doors and in back (station wagon)
2 6' in dash

working on getting another amp along with 2 amp batteries,
I spent 250 on the 2 15's and amp + amp kit.

The reason for the 2nd amp is a custom built box with 3 10' and 4 6x9 in a built box in the back indentation. Those are mainly for looks.

Maybe even a 12' under driver and passenger??? I could nickname the car Tha System

posted by  Level954

Sounds like a good system but if you want good sound you should get a few kickers in the front and back to boost the sound over all. But other then that its a good system for the first one.

posted by  Sniper1

sounds good to me...i wish i had the money to buy all of that...all i have is one JLAUDIOW3 12" and i bought that used from a friend but it sounds alright.when i get some more money im buying some speakers because all i have is the stock ones in the car.

posted by  whiteboy23

yeah i have stock speakers in my car but in the trunk i have a sub box that is holding two 10" subs and one 500 and one 300 watt amps. but i want to upgrade the amps and bet some kickers inside the car. but it is still a good sound system as it is.

posted by  Sniper1

I dont know jack shit about systems but i'm intent on learning but for whosoever has the money. You can go to Apline.com and they'll build a system for you. Then print it out and take it to an Alpine installer and there you go a bangin ass system. If it explodes then u have a bulletproof (check spelling)...warranty to go wit it.

posted by  VMJYogi

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