Went to the Cleveland Auto Show!

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well, first of all that was alot of walking. that said, i will get the 30 some odd pictures sorted out and posted soon. yes, it will kick non-broadband users asses thanks to my 6.1 megapix camera. odds are ill scale them down.

first of all the MR evo (cough cough lancer cough cough) was kind ugly in a sense. that wind spilter on top of the roof looked uber-fulgy. The all polished aluminum Cobra GT was very impressive. 2200 hours of polishing to make it look like a splitting image of chrome. all of the usuals where there. the Volvo SUV made to scale from legos was sweet ass hell. legos rule. Sat in all the cars im too poor to own. wanted to steal at least half of the cars there. That and the Rx8 has surprisingly comfortable seats where as the Porche werent. hmmm. Audi switched up motors. 2.0T (replaced the 1.8T) and the inline 5 (replaced the 2.0L 8v) and the 3.2 (or higher) which replaced the 2.8 VR6. These are going to find there way to the VW's too. I knew about this already but you know. FOund a nice typo though on the new jetta TDI. fact sheet said 100HP and 1770 Ft/lb torque. big typo...alot of new body styles for most makers. Ill get the pictures up soon because honestly, they will speak for themselves. Words suck.

then they always have the classic car show downstairs at the IX center. This is always fun to look at the numberous big block supercharged camero SS's and the AMX's and my favorite, The Demon. They had a lotus Europa there too. Littlest car i have EVER SEEN/ standing next to it, it came up to my belt. im 6' 1". you get the picture. was about 5 feet long, rear engine. No humanly possible for me to seat in (if i was allowed that is)\

Well if its coming to your town, i say go out there and check it out. well worth it.

posted by  Low Impedance

Yea, I love car shows. Last one I went to had the Mazda Monosport (or something) that was an awesome car. Funny thing about that car show though, was that almost all of the shift knobs in the cooler cars were gone...HMMM...why would anyone steal a shift knob from an STi or RX-8?

But anyway, was that actually the first time you've seen a MR in person? I see them all the time down here, and everytime I do, a little chorus of angels plays a song that warms my soul from somewhere deep within my heart.

posted by  Zalight

I love going to the auto show, and about a month ago, I went to the Chicago Auto Show. The Largest auto show in North America, and 3rd largest in the world, took up 1.2 million square feet, which created a bit of a walk to see everything. I love going every year, but this year was especially exciting, with sweet new cars to sit in and incredible concepts to look at. I can't wait for next year!

By the way, I think they unscrew the shift knobs so nobody steals them. Not sure though, it makes sense to me.

posted by  moostang104314

I thought that they had the shift knobs in thier and then somebody stole them...

posted by  Zalight

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