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Would these work good together? Or would i be over powering or underpowering anything?

AMP Profile AP1000M ( tures_and_specs&i=489AP1000M)

SUBS Audiobahn AW1051SE ( eatures_and_specs&i=037AW1051S)

posted by  Anthony212

They'd work pretty good together if you wired the subs (assuming you're talking two subs) in a parrallel to get them down to 2ohms. They'd be getting about 250watts a piece at 2ohms and they're made to handle 300 so, they'd go together quite well.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

It would work but sound like crap. Audiopawn and Profile are two very low brands in the car audio industry. That amp won't put out its rated specs (more around 170-200rms @ 4ohm) and all Audiopawn subs just put out sound and not CLEAR sound. Also as the above post said to do, I am going against simply because that amp I'm willing to bet won't hold down a 2ohm load very well at all.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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