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Ok CrutchField says some of the recievers on there will not fit my car. but why wont they? they look the exact same size as all the others. I know i have to buy the mounting kit cause my car is a GM. But will some really not fit my car? even with the mounting kit?

BTW i have a '97 Cutlass Supreme 2 door and i am looking at this for it...

Head Unit (,,2076_4039_63891892 ,00.html)

Crutchfield says it wont fit... but will it?

posted by  Anthony212

What on earth is crutchfield?

Where there's a will there's a way, nothing was supposed to be able to fit in my 88 GP, I just made a mounting kit for it and it works and looks dandy.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

GM cars usually have double din or 1 1/2 DIN recievers. But you can put a single DIN receiver in it no problem with mounting brackets. The HU you chose is very nice and I highly recommend it. I just dont highly recommend buying from Crutchfield (dont know HOW many times ive said that on here), go look into and . Crutchfield rapes you by selling at msrp (just like circuit city or best buy does).

posted by  thunderbird1100

oh i was not planning on buying it from crutch field... ive found it a couple hundred dollars cheaper elsewhere.. i was just using them as an example

posted by  Anthony212

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