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Hi my names Jay and i joined this site because i was in need of some oppinions. I am gonna be buying a car by the end of this year, and i want to know what it is rite now so i could plan everything out ahead of time. 3 Cars to choose from, im going to make it simple.
1. 2006 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6
2. 2006 Dodge Viper Coupe
3. 2000 Nissan Skyline GTR V-spec
Those are the 3 cars, i personally love my American Muscle, but those skylines are somthing!
I know whats faster, i know whats better at handling, and i know whats more advanced, but the thing is, i dont know what one would be better in the long run. That amount of money just doesnt come to me off of a tree, ima only spend it this once, for a longggg time, so i just needed help on choosing. Your thoughts would be nice rite about now, if theres anyone that would like to help me, i would love to hear from ya. Thanx :thumbs:

posted by  Vettefreak530

for the price of that Viper, you could get yourself a nice F355.

all the cars you listed are viable to depreciation. the F355 will not depreciate much--if any--and will raise in price after about 20 years--so another 10 or so and they'll go up again.

if you're looking for an everyday car, however, do not buy the F355. for an everyday car, the Vette or Skyline will suffice. for a weekend fun car, Viper.

posted by  BMWGuru

errr..... I remember the guys from exvitermini are having trouble finding parts to their skylines, and it hasn't exactly been worked on a lot by mechanics in america, so you'll probably have first time worker. I say they vette, easiest to keep up, and faster than the skyline and the viper. (a C6 non-Z06 beat a SRT-10 around the track).

posted by  Godlaus

The Z06 vette looks to be a tasty piece, viper, cool but not something I'd drive everyday. Skyline, never even seen one let alone know where to get parts and such. Bang for all those bucks, Zo6, same performance as a viper, not super exoctic but sweet. Check out the March issue of Corvette magazine it's got all the dirt on the new Z06. Hey 500hp, a Lamborgini Gallardo has 500hp but the vette weighs less !!!! :hi:

posted by  ode94

The 355 is a nice car, but its not somthing i would wanna drive around town and leave it parked some where... if u know what i meen. The vette beats out the viper in everything, so i would choose the vette over the dodge, but the skyline has me puzzled for the fact that its sooo rare. The vette you might see running around towns everywhere, but the skyline... u know. Parts wouldnt be hard to get for me, thats why im looking at one, its just hard to choose, the vette and the skyline are priced the same, but they both have there positives and negitives... i dont know guys... :banghead:

posted by  Vettefreak530

The new Z06 makes both those cars look like Taurus'. Get the Vette.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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