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In the local "Wheels and Deals" there is a 1988 Toyota MR2 for sale for $2,500 Here is the desricption: Lowered, aftermarket wheels, custom exhaust, t-tops and other mods. I dont know much about imports, so do you think the price reasonable?

posted by  jdubya

it should be a little cheaper, but its not a bad price

posted by  mazda6man

Sounds like the price is fair...maybe a bit low...you might want it thoroughly checked out b4...also if it looks like it's been raced or beaten...dont buy it...

posted by  NISSANSPDR

why would you say thats cheap? its an 88 mr2... i love mr2s especially those years... and theyre not worth much more than 2000... and since this things got stuff done to it, it might be worth a little more...

posted by  mazda6man

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