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Sorry, did not mean to advertise. Uhm, editted version:

Heard it on the radio yesterday, some new promotion. Take a pic of a specific vehicle, email it in, and somehow you qualify for a chance at $1M.

Not sure what I would do with the money, but could come up with a few possibilies. Anyway, someones got to win.

If interested .... find it on your own. LOL. Hope someone cool still wins, hate the people that always say "it wont change my life". Should take the $1M from that person and give it to someone who's life it would change.

posted by  Topshelf

Advertising, somebody delete this.

Actually, let's turn this into a productive thread. What would you do with 1 million bucks?

I would;

Buy a SRT-10, send it to hennessy, get it TT-ed
Insurance for the next 5 years
Miscellanous expenses
The rest goes into a savings account so that I can live off the interest.
---15 extra grand a year is nothing to laugh at.

posted by  Godlaus

No enzo for you? :mrgreen:

posted by  mirot

Will a million i would try and build some sort of a drag/race track or maybe an indoor skatepark.

posted by  jdubya

nah, i prefer the extra 15 grand a year, and besides, and 1000TT is faster. It's insane fast, 0-60 in the mid/low 2 second range.

posted by  Godlaus

But does it have side air bags????

posted by  Topshelf

you're dragging into this thread an argument from another thread. That's uncalled for. But, to answer your question, I want to die in a 1000TT. I would rather die doing what I loved, at the age of, say 21, before I have any real family connections, as opposed to dying when I'm 80 and having the crap cut out of my ass.

posted by  Godlaus

Tell you what, I hope you win the $1M, I hope you get your 1000TT, and I hope you live to be 80 and then get to die in the vehicle of your choice in the manner of your choice.

Wonder what everyone else would do with the $1M.

posted by  Topshelf

Hmmm.... Never saw that coming :roll:

What would you do with it?

posted by  Godlaus

While you could afford the Enzo, maintaining it would be another issue, and would leave you poor.

posted by  Mathew

ay yup, while I'm not sure that maintaining a hennessy is any cheaper.

posted by  Godlaus

A million dollars? Uh-oh...

1.) Mercedes E55 AMG (95K)
2.) Nissan 350Z (35K)
3.) Range Rover (75K)
4.) Cadillac STS (65K)
5.) Mercedes SLK 350 (60K)
6.) Mustang GT (30K)
7.)'06 Jetta (25K)
8.) Infiniti G35 (35K)
9.) BMW X3 (35K)
10.) Toyota Land Cruiser (55K)

$400,000 on a house in L.A.
$90,000 on an underground parking garage for all my cars.

posted by  moostang104314

with a million dollars:

$250,000 to my mom
$250,000 to my dad
$50,000 to each of my brothers (4 brothers for a total of $200,000)
$200,000 for a nice house
$27,000 for an E36 M3
$30,000 for a 01/02 M coupe
$4,000 for a CRX autocrosser with a B18C5 powering it

And I'd spend the other $39k on bills and grocery (until it ran out that is, then I suppose I would have to get a job)

posted by  Zalight

Reminds me of a story of a physchotic seattle fan. He won the lottery of something like 5 million, but long ago, he and his brothers/sisters/parents made a deal, that if any one of them won, they would share the winnings. They all split it, and he got 500,000. He bought a new car, and season tickets to all seattle home games, (and some away ones), and then he came down with cancer. Because he was unemployed, he didn't have any health insurance, so he had to pay for the medical bills all by himself. Lottery winnings = gone.

Really thoughtful of you, zalight.

posted by  Godlaus

Buy a Subaru WRX STi with all the options ($35K) :hi:
and then:
put the rest in my account given a large amount of it to my church every year. This way I could have a shit load of money when I get out of college and get a kick ass house. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

1) E60 M5
2) $100,000 in *presents to friends and family
3) Rest of it in savings

Well i'm lucky to have parents that are willing to support my college education and living/eating/other expenses for the next three years. But after that, I'm set free, but ill have close to $900,000 in the bank to deal with :hi:

posted by  mirot

How will you possibly manage? He he... :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

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