90-96 Nissan 300zx TT or 99-04 Mustang GT

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Tell me which one you would get if you had the choice and why. I've asked a few other people and it seems to me like it's a tie. Both are great cars and fast.

So tell me which one you would pick and why.


posted by  shr0olvl

I would get a 99-04 mustang gt because i've always liked Ford, but never had the chance to own a new stang. Im not saying the Nissan 350zx tt isnt a great car, because it is, its just i like Mustangs better.

posted by  jdubya

First off...no such thing as a 350zx tt.

There's a 300ZX TT which was made from 90-96.

The 350Z is a completely different car...but it is the next car after the 300ZX

The 300ZX TT is faster than the Mustang GT of that era. The Z does 0-60 in 5.2-5.5 seconds and had 300HP (except for in 96 when it had 280HP) and the GT does 60 in 5.6-5.8 and had 260HP.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

good point, but times like those come down to the driver, not the car.

I've only had the chance to drive the GT, and I love the sound of it idling, so I'm going to have to go with the mustang, even if it is a blind choice.

posted by  Godlaus

Sorry, i meant to put 300, and i didnt say i like the mustang for its perfomance!

posted by  jdubya

Go with what you like more.

I am not a huge lover of Mustangs, and really didn't like that specific generation. I would actually prefer the 05'.

The 300zx tt, in my opinion, has better styling and has more respect through my eyes.

posted by  ToCkS

I'd go with mustang GT 99-04 simply because it's newer. Although nissans are more reliable, 300zx is very expensive to repair.

posted by  ed_7702

Newer but I would say possibly no more reliable than a 300ZX TT. Found On Road Dead is not a joke for no reason...

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Mustangs are an exception on Ford's part. Their only well built car.

I'd go with the mustang, old turbos cause lots of problems, also newer car, sounds better, looks better and it's not an import.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Old turbos? What...if they are well maintained...they can go for a while...and rebuilt turbo's are cheap...rebuilding a turbos is also cheap...upgrading to bigger turbo's is not so cheap.

Newer car...doesnt necessarily mean better. I mean are you gonna say that if you compare two cars in great condition but ones an Aztek from whatever year vs. a 90 911 Carrera...newer doesnt mean better.

Sounds better? What the hell? Any proof to back that up?

Not an import? I dont remember seeing the Mustang GT ever on the Car and Driver's 10 Best list during the 90's.

The 300ZX won the award 6 years in a row (90-96)...must have been doing something right...and in 89 when the 300ZX Z32 model came out it won Import Car of the Year.

Imports are not inferior in anyway to domestics...some are better like Ferrari's, BMW's, Lotus's, Porsche's, etc.

Please come up w/some better reasons...ones w/facts

posted by  NISSANSPDR

300ZXTT all the way. Better performance in ANY way you look at it, they also stay together AND they are a lot more comfortable. Plus you cant beat upgrading a TT engine :drool: Don't get me wrong, the 99-04GT is a fun car, but when given the option of a Z32 300ZXTT, I'd easily take the Nissan over it.

And to whoever said the Mustang was Ford's best built car, oh how wrong you are... :laughing: My friends and I dont call it a 'lego' car for nothing. Parts simply fall off all the time, but luckily they are cheap and easy to replace (which usually Mustang people dont care about).

posted by  thunderbird1100

Definantly go with the 300ZXTT. Much better car. Don't get me wrong, I like the mustang, but when you line them up next to each other the mustang is an ex-rental car and the 300ZXTT is just great.

posted by  Conduce

I'll take the stang, I like the 300z but, as far as fixing, getting parts, and aftermarket performance goods, the mustang is just an economically sound choice. Plus finding a 300z in good shape is not very easy anymore! :banana:

posted by  ode94

I would go with the stang as will. Because it is fast and easy to mod if you want to upgrade the engine and stuff. where as the 300z dosnt have a lot of engine space for upgrades because of the turbos. Pluse the z ways alot and thats why it has all the hp. where as the stang is light and fast.

posted by  Sniper1

The Stang weighs nearly as much as the Z (3300lbs vs. 3500lbs, 200lbs isnt anything). Still the Z is faster around a road course (by far) and it still is a few tenths quicker in the 1/4.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Yah, the mustang is a heavy beast, they always have been.

Wow, that makes a lot of sense, buy a car and spend a load of money on repairs when you can get one that has no power-additives and has no need for any, therefor, less problems.

When it comes to cars, newer almost always means better. Older cars need more work. Period. Newer cars are generally better built too. ie: economy/power ratio, safety, newer technology's into the parts..... etc

I think all 4600cc's will back that up.

I don't remember them being the almight and high powerful. If they say it's good wow, it must be the best. I also don't remember them mentioning repairs and parts prices either.

>> "Import car of the year" <<

American companys don't concentrate on the $100+ area, there's only a couple of domestics up there, you know why? Because there's no money to be made in that area. So why would you even bring those company's up? Why do you think that EVERY american company has more income than any of them, and in GM's part, all of them combined. Despite the fact that us, the americans, import from other continents, but we don't export pretty much anything, see a pattern?

And don't be so ignorant. There's lots of imports that are inferior to domestic and vica versa. In almost all cases though, American cars are more thought through in their design as for ease of working on them.

You're quite biased. I am too, I admit, but I have reason to. You just think imports are all better because all you've ever had is one import vehicle. After you work on a few dozen of them, and domestic vehicles, you'll see why many mechanics refuse to work on imports.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

Nah...I'd consider owning a few domestics...just I would never want one since 99 percent of them have crap interiors...but I guess that's the price you pay and the sacrifice you make

C6 ZO6
Cobalt SS (I kinda like it...call me crazy)
Plymouth HemiCuda
Shelby Cobra 427
Chevy Corvette '63 (oh yea...split window)
Dodge Charger '70 (black...evil)

and a few others I dont care to mention

posted by  NISSANSPDR

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