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First off my car has some 6x9 and 5-1/4 speakers in it.

the 6x9's i want are about 400 watts or around that range

and the highest watts 5-1/4 speakers i can find are about 160 watts

well i want to hook up an amp but i dont want my 6x9s to be so much underpower and i dont want to blow my 5-1/4's so does anyone have any suggestions on what i could do either speaker or amp wise. please i need help lol

posted by  Anthony212

First off, those 6x9s ARE GROSSLY over-rated in power. No 6x9 i've EVER seen can take 400 watts of true power and survive for more than 10 seconds. most 6x9's take between 50-120watts of true power. Dont go by what the manufacturer claims (I think you're looking at MAX ratings). But if you must, look at RMS ratings (even though some manufacturers even over-rate THAT coughAUDIOPAWNcough).

As for amplification, you could get two 2-channel amps (one for 5.25" and one for the 6x9's). Or you could fit 6.5's in the 5.25" cutout and power eveything with a four channel amp.

posted by  thunderbird1100

i dont want to cut the doors unless i have no choice.. and i cant go with two amps.. because i already am going with a sub amp and i dont wanna suck too much power. so maybe i should try lower watt 6x9's

posted by  Anthony212

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