What de dumest ting youve eber dun???

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You asked for it peeps and now u got it!!!

Me? hmm...where do i start?

When i was little i poured salt on my corn flakes thinking it was sugar. I had to eat the whole thing!! Try it people it is disgusting!

Then i fell right on my ass in the middle of a restaurant cause i was drunk as hell.

I hit on my sister's boyfriend's mother at her own wedding! Very drunk and she is a super milf!

posted by  VMJYogi

i've never done anything stupid in my life because i am perfect

posted by  325iSe30

I tend to suppress any idiotic things I have done, but I do recall being a teenager at my sister's engagement.

I did what most well behaved young men do and got drunk :mrgreen: I struck up a conversation with one of the groom's brothers who was a bit of a thug by reputation. Somehow the topic moved to his good looking sister and I let slip that she had been more than a delight with some horizontal dancing while absent from (wagging) school.

Well you would have thought world war III had erupted over such a trivial matter and I ended up with three son's of a tempermental Welshman trying to have a piece of me.

In hindsight it was a very stupid thing to have done, because it resulted in one less available girl for midweek entertainment. :wink2:

posted by  Wally

Oh yeah I just remembered another one:

I went out to buy a late night pizza. After waiting an inordinate amount of time i finally had it in my possession and took off at a canter to get home and escape the wrath of my wife having a cold meal. As I was making good progress I had a sudden strange sensation followed by pain.

I had fallen down an open unlit manhole in the pavement! So after extricating myself I wandered off home and was met with concern at the bloodied mess I was in, but moreso the sand now covering the pizza topping. When I explained what happened she who must be obeyed couldn't stop laughing and has made a point of telling the story at parties ever since.

Yes you guessed it I was stupid telling her about the incident and should have said "three sons of a tempermental Welshman ambushed me". :wink2:

posted by  Wally

The dumbest thing I have ever done? God its so hard to choose.

lets see, well, this one time I got drunk at my friends house, but I had left my cigarettes at my house, and suddenly struck up the Idea that it would be ingeniuos to walk the 15 miles to my house to get them...so i did. My brother and I made the treck in 4 hours, minus about 45minutes in an Ihop drinking coffee.

Another time my friend and I had to run from the police, while drunk, because as we were walking home from a party, 2 miles not 15, he had to stop to pee. So he did so on the nearest building. At the time we weren't aware that the building was a church. Needless to say when the cop who was parked across the street in an unmarked car watched my friend pee on this church, he was less than satisfied. He got out and without yelling, saying freeze or anything, started to run over to us with his flashlight out. My friend, mid-stream mind you, turns and starts running away, pants at his ankles screaming "I just had to pee officer!" as he runs away, privates flapping in the wind. We knew the neighborhood well, so we got away.

Ahh good times :thumbs:

posted by  Zalight

Haha. Here we go. I'll probably add to this later as I think of things.

How about wearing my shirt inside-out to church on accident and not noticing until ive been there for an hour.

Putting my junk in someone else's buggy at the grocery store...

posted by  DodgeRida67

flying down an old miner's road on my dirtbike on the wrong side of the road, who knew a truck would be there, anyway the truck won that match and i had a cast for 6 months, wish i caught the flip on camera over the windshield and almost 2 flips in air, the only mistake was using hands to cushion blow.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Entering a sharp 90degree turn at about 25mph in my dad's car, while there's black ice over the place. I crashed into the curb with the wheel, but I only bent the lower control arm.

posted by  RusMan

:banghead: prolly takin the tractor into skool to do an exam!! bout 7 of us in the cab goin down da main road at bout 28 mph and da police pull up an pull us over. i was da age but my provisional was late comin and da next day it came. **** i was pissed off! turns out we got a police escort to skool so we didnt miss our exam. :banghead:

posted by  jase

What's the dumbest thing I've ever done?

Read that post.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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