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I have started a website about my 92 Mustang GT. It includes all of my current mods, future mods, and pictures of my car. There is an short biography of the car in the website.

All I ask of you is a donation to make this car into a legend. Any donation is accepted too, no matter how small or how big. Donations are taken through paypal.

Even if you don't wish to donate, please visit the site. I will update the site when I do more stuff to it. So not only will you be able to be part of the progress of the fox body, but you will be able to see it's progress.

Also, please tell your everyone you can about this.

Thank you very much.

posted by  Graggox

love the total donations bin... $1.06 you got a long ways to go young man.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Why do people do this? They beg for money for their car, because they don't want to work for it?

Let's do some math........

Minors (which this guy sounds like) can work 20 hours/week in the US (which, we're going by US standards, not 'th' standards)

The lowest minimum wage is 5.50 and hour

80 (hours/month) X 5.50 (minimum wage)
440 X 12 (months/year)
5280 X .85 (taxes)

That's some money to work with, not including the 40 hrs/wk that minors can work in the summer, nor the 28 hrs/wk minors can work with parent's permission, nor raises, nor overtime, etc. etc.

Is it really so hard to earn your own money?

posted by  Godlaus

actually it's 40 hours a week with 5.15 minimum wage, but yeah it's worth a shot

posted by  Graggox

Where I am, 30 hours max in a school week for a minor, 40 a week for minors w/o school. 5.15 is federal minimum wage

posted by  Nichol Bolas

So lets see here. You are so incredibly selfish you want people to hand you the money to make the most of your car. A car which is fine in the first place. You know, there are people out in this world who do not even have enough money to feed themselves, have clothing, or have a place to lay their head and rest and here you are with a perfectly fine car asking people to hand you money so you can "make a legend." You make me sick. As selfish as you are you won't make it far in this world, and I sure hope you don't either. This has REALLY pissed me off. I don't care to argue this over a forum so hey, if you have a response, call me. 678-895-1634. I'll be glad to have a chat with you. All I can say is, you shit. As was said before, in a much nicer way, get your sorry ass a job and earn your own money and spend it any dumbass way you please.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Whoa, you're limited to how much you can work in the states? That's sad. I work 20 (@ $10 an hour, minimum is 6.65 I think) hours a week right now and I'm looking for another job.. come to think of it, it's for this exact reason, I'm saving up for an '89 Mustang GT, don't want none of that air-bag/lower profile cam crap that the newer ones got.

Be a man, work for your money. You expect people to hand you money through-out the rest of your life? Besides, your car will-not become a legend no matter how much work you put into it, because, after all's said and done, there's still a million of them out there (and it's still a Ford).

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

psh... '92 fox body....its been done, maybe if you were doing something bizarre

posted by  choke

Hey there. I just wanted to inform you that your signature is more full of crap than if it was an actual picture of crap. Don't impose that crap on us. Take your cult and cram it.

- Crap. :banghead:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Thats a bible quote, not a cult. Ezekiel 25:13 to be exact.

But you see, I don't know this because im a religous freak or anything, I mean I have read the bible but I'm not that religous. I do know what that quoe is and where it is form because of Pulp Fiction.

Ever seen that movie DR? Its a Famous line from that movie.

posted by  Zalight

so if we donate we can all ride it?? hehe

posted by  mumin

lol you need to go out and watch a movie dodge cuz if u didn't know that i feel sorry for u :laughing: if you haven't seen Pulp Fiction then ur missing out.

posted by  choke


Donate money to starving kids....nah

Help out tsunami thats no good...

Pay my insurance bill for the month....nuh uh...

Oooh looky, some kid on the internet, a thousand miles away wants some money so he can make his car faster and prettier! Take take!

(please include sarcasm when reading this)

posted by  Mathew

you need to go somewhere else Graggox, because asking people 4 $ is BULL POO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by  jdubya

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