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Hello all! I'm with the U.S.A.F., being re-assigned to Hawaii in May. Got a question on if I should ship my wife's car (at ~$2K from St Louis) or should I buy new in Honolulu. My car the military will ship, but we need two. My wife's is a 95 Volvo, 850 wagon w/82K miles. Nice car and paid for!
She would like a new car, but is OK keeping the volvo if that's cheeper.
It will cost about $2K to get a car shipped (either her's or buy her a new one here and ship that)
Does anyone know how much more a new car is in Hawaii vs stateside? (ex. buy a new one here and pay $2K to get it there or just buy over there and pay more?) I guess if I can get a new one in Hawaii for under the stateside price + $2K. I'm ahead.
Any thoughts? Anyone living in Hawaii out there? Pros/Cons


PS: I'm waiting on price quotes via on randomly chosen cars, both in Hawaii and here...hope to get a comparison

posted by  turbogreg

try driving it to CA 1st and shipping from CA cost is $900 per vehicle.

Yes cars cost about 1K more in hawaii than the states due the added shipping costs. If your about to buy new, Ford, General Motors, or Chrysler made vehicle though, contact me 1st, i can save you $2-$4 thousand below invoice, buying from the manufacturer direct. I am retired Air Force, 1977-1997, and now make my living helping people save money and make money, a $4k savings on a new car compared to dealership prices (MSRP} is a great way to pocket a few bucks. Contact me if your interested.

posted by  DaveinGA

Considering he asked this amost a year ago, it's a good bet he already found a solution.... :doh:

posted by  ChrisV

lol I dont know, maybe the guy with only one post will get through to him.

posted by  Voda48

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