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My grandfather passed away and he had a 64 Chrysler Newport station wagon. I'm going to sell it for my grandmother but I dont' know anything about the car. I've tried to search on Yahoo but havent found much.

Are there any websites I can go to that might have info on this car?


posted by  soimcrazy

Hmmm... Sorry bout the loss. edmunds.com (http://edmunds.com) might have something bout that. Thats a really older car, i think your better off just putting it up for like 300 and dropping it off the side of the road with ur phone number.

posted by  Stem

i dunno if its still there but msn.com used to have all kind of information about all kinds of cars in their car section form prices and HP but i dont know if it goes back that far

posted by  8G Galant

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