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As the proud owner of a 2004 Honda Pilot, purchased on Ebay, I continue to be amazed by "the power" of the Internet.

Being an avid 'net surfer and hobbyist, I am contemplating this idea....please provide comments

A variety of web-based "used car" sites exist, charging $29.99 to $50 for a 2-week to "until sold" listing, with one photo. Such sites are Ebay Motors, AutoBytel, and others.

I am considering forming a "message board" format site, dedicated to used car sales, in which up to 3 photos plus the advertisement could be placed. In addition, with PM capability, the buyer/seller could communicate in public or in private. One would search for a particular vehicle using key words, such as SEARCH--->"2004 Honda Pilot Leather"

this thread is similar to what i had in mind for the listings

I would ideally charge $20-25 for an "until sold" listing

I am still working out the details on how to allow regular shoppers free viewing versus listers paid listings.

However, please comment on my overall idea


posted by  satpak77

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