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I scratched the idea of getting a toyota avalon, and decided to get a Honda Civic. First I have a couple questions:

1. Is their such thin as a double turbocharger? And if so, can you get a decent one for around $1000-$2500? (Cheaper is better :p, as long as its decent)

2. What double turbochargers are compatible with a honda civic/how do you tell if one is compatible with a certain car?

3. How much horsepower can a double turbocharger add to a car?

4. What makes a double turbocharger (if it exist, google turned up some results but no actual places to buy one from so im a little skeptical), versus a regular turbocharger. And whats the difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger?

Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who answers and yes i've tried googling all of this.

posted by  Mayor Red Beard

im not that good but ill give it a shot.

just the basic and simple things,

superchargers give you low end power, meaning you will be able to accelerate off the line much quicker

turbochargers are the same but only at higher revs, so at the start it will lag a bit.

depending on what you want for your car, both are practically the same. i read off a magazine that this guy in an evo put both on his car(supercharger and turbo) dunno how he did it though

*edit*: dunno about this but i think a double turbo is just 2 turbos joined by 1 pipe leading to the actuall engine. ill let the more experienced guys handle this now...

posted by  ahoo

that helps, yes i have read the howstuffworks article on turbochargers. It says that one turbocharger can increase horsepower between 30-40% since their is some error in it. So that brings the civic up from 115 to 155.25 horsepower, using the mean of the %'s given by howstuff works. Now if I have two double chargers will that take that second number (155.25 horsepower), and increase that by %30-%40 giving an average of approximatly 210 horsepower? OR will it simply increase the stock Horsepower of the car from %60-%80 (average being %70 obviously), giving me around 195 horsepower?

Also, what are some other things to increase my horsepower on the civic? And what are two turbocharges (which is a double turbocharger i guess), that will be compatible with my honda civic in the price range of about $1250, or if you could simply tell me how to decide wether or not a turbo charger is compatible, and then gimme a site where I can buy them from.

posted by  Mayor Red Beard

$1250, i dont think that might be enough for a turbo setup in a civic since they are NA plus i live in new zealand so i cant really help you too much

posted by  ahoo

i can go up to $2000, i wouldnt want to but i can.

posted by  Mayor Red Beard

Looks like the answer is YEP!

posted by  vwhobo
here are some sites to help with your findings. the first one tells you how it they work and the secound one is kits for honda civics and some prices.

But it is not called a double turbo charger it is called twine turbos.

posted by  Sniper1

Is that because they're held together with rope?

posted by  vwhobo

no god you suck. they are called that because they are the same turbo but they are on two diffrent sides of the engine. but turn on at the same time and increases hp by about 70% almost.

posted by  Sniper1

The same turbo on two different sides of the engine. How do they do that, cut a turbo down the middle? Read your post again, get out a thesaurus (do you even know what that is?) and with almost no effort, something you're obviously good at, you'll understand where the rope reference came from.

posted by  vwhobo

wow your dumb. did you not read i said they are meaning two. next time know what your talking about. :2cents:

posted by  Sniper1

Not all TT setups have the turbos on opposite sides of the engine. You're generalising, or atleast talking about a general application

posted by  Godlaus

Nope. Read your post. You very specifically said...

It doesn't say anything about two. Words mean things Zippy (as in pinhead).

posted by  vwhobo

same as in the same type thats why it is twine meaning two that look the same. now you know.

posted by  Sniper1

It looks like we have a new winner in the "Stupidest Person to Ever Join a Forum" contest. :banghead:

Try reading this if the words aren't too big for you;

posted by  vwhobo

my bad i meant to say twin i didnt mean to add the e.

posted by  Sniper1

Im looking to get this turbo kit for my car:

--------------------------------------------------------------------------< br /> Civic Extreme Turbo Kit For 01 and up Civics:
- Garret t25 turbo w/ Wastegate
- Cast Exhaust Manifold
- Chrome Heat Shield
- Downpipe w/ Gasket
- Map Unit (Black BOx)
- TSI Blow Off Valve (BOV)
- TSI High Flow Front-Mount Intercooler
- Polished Aluminum Intercooler Piping
- SS Btaided Lines for Water Cooling
- SS Braided lines for Oiling
- Return Hose and Fittings for Oil to Pan
- All Hoses & Clamps
- All Necessary Hardware & Fittings
- Generic Install Instructions

Fule System 1:
- 2 Injectors & Interface Block
- TSI Injection Control Unit w/ Turbo Timer
- Injector Control System Settings

Fuel System 2:
- APEXi Turbo Timer
- Boost Gauge

--------------------------------------------------------------------------< br />
1. Which Fuel System would be better for a stock car, not worrying about lag and simply wanting the most possible horsepower.

2. What does all that crud mean?

3. The site says a %56 Increase in horsepower, and that its safe to use on a stock engine. But then for turbo efficency it says 325+ HP. So will I be getting a %56 increase in HP or 325+ HP?

4. What are some other parts I could buy that would work with my stock CIVIC to increase Horse power?

posted by  Mayor Red Beard


posted by  Mayor Red Beard

it all sounds good. but the best fuel system would be the first one and i would add the boost gadge as will to that. can you tell us how much that one is and what site you got it from that could help in finding a better kit for you. as of other sites i would have to look around. ill get back to you on it.

posted by  Sniper1

okay....all of you should go to the bookstore and get the book called "turbocharging" by Corky Bell.

and VWHobo is just being an ass. its like, what he does. so deal.

that said lets see if we can clear some stuff up. there are two instances of more than one turbocharger exisiting on one motor. These are "twin" turbos and "sequential".twin being a general case we will look at. you can use more, buit there is no preformance advantage. First, the twin turbo setup comes in two ways. one is on the V blocks. this is because you cant have a header on one side which just leads straight out, then the other side having a turbocharger setup. the reason is in the basic engine operation. you want the exhaust flow from both sides to be equal. you can run both sides into one turbo but not one side into a turbo and the otherside into just the exhaust piping.
on inline motors twin turbos really are not for any preformance value in comparison to a sinlge setup. you are simply dividing the exhaust energy between the two turbos. this means you could run two smaller compressors for each but you do restrict the exhaust gases escape even more. really this should only be usable for motors with inline 6's and larger.

now for sequential setups. this is a rare setup and only widly produced in supras (gen 4) and 3rd gen Rx7's. now the setups are finky beyond all belief, require numerous vacuum controls and electric controls to alter the valving. the dealerships tend to be unable to fix problems in these vechiles. that is why people with just go with a single turbo instead. dont even try to make your own sequential system. how it works is that there is a smaller turbo and a larger turbo. exhaust gases directed through the small army of controls. what is does is spool the smaller turbo at the lower rpms then as that trubo maxes out the other turbo reaches boost and takes over for the rest of the rpm. There is a change is boost during the crossover. on the RX7 the boost would go 10-8-10. the dip is from the turbo changeover.

posted by  Low Impedance

So its not possible to have a single turbo on a V engine right?

posted by  CarEXPERT

no, it is but both exhaust manifolds MUST merge into one then into the turbo.

posted by  Low Impedance

Yea But V engines have exhaust manifolds on the left side and on the right, the middle is the intake manifold. So usually its not possible. What cars are there that have V enigne with a single turbo? zx?

posted by  CarEXPERT

Saab run their GT17's on a bank of three pots rather than all six.

posted by  Wally

its callled "custom" but 99% of people go with the standard twin turbo setup to achieve a nicer, well fitted and more relieble turbocharged motor.

posted by  Low Impedance

a small correction. twin turbos that are run at the same time are actually called parallel twin turbos. there are also 2 different types of parallel twins.

one example is that both are run by their respective banks (this is on V's or Flats) or just get assigned certain cylinders (mostly for inlines since its only one head).

the other type is the one i keep forgetting the name of (ill remember eventually). anyhow, the second type is one that works a bit confusing but its very simple once u actually understand it. this is mainly done on engines with 2 heads. the turbo on one bank of cylinders feeds the opposite side of the engine, and vice versa. so pretty much, the left side turbo feeds the right side cylinders, while the right side turbo feeds the left side cylinders. this is pretty much done to keep as much of an even distribution as possible. i have never heard of an inline doing this, but correct me if there are any inlines with this set up.

other than that, the other set up would be the sequential twin turbos which has already been explained by low impedance.

posted by  Inygknok

There is a 350z VQ35DET that is single does that work cause doesnt the exhaust manifold come out of the left head and the other from theright head.

posted by  CarEXPERT

Well VWHobo I find myself agreeing with you more and more often. It seems that as ignorant as I am, at least I usually try to keep it to myself, unless asking a question. And I hope for the sake of America that people like sniper go back to school and learn how to spell simple words like 'twin' instead of 'twine' and 'gauge' instead of gadge.

posted by  Flame Roller

i wish i could post the intro video of inspector gadget with the theme song and all just about now.........

posted by  Inygknok

ok will :fu: you all but i am in high school and i didnt mean to type that so dont be a bunch of dicks and besides me and hobo already talked about it so dont bring somthing old back up dumb ass. :2cents:

posted by  Sniper1

ill do this to the best of my ability in order:
1.To ur first question the best bet would be the the fuel system 1 option but running a turbo means ur gunna need a boost gauge.
2.Next all that crud is telling you wat ur buying the T25 is a type of turbo personally for a civic i would suggest the T3/T4 hybrid. Turbonetics sells a good kit for that turbo or u can look for DRAG.
3.The 56% increase means u should add 56% of the hp ur engine already produces however from all turbos ive seen on a civc the horse power gain is usually between 90hp and 100hp at the flywheel. the 325+ hp rating is so u know how hard to push ur turbo. Their saying that ur turbo is good for runing 325 hp and over. the T3/T4 i suggest is rated at 350+ and it runs around 6.5psi rather than the 5.3 ive seen from the T25s
4.Depending on what engine u have in ur civic would help me decipher what other bolt-on mods to run. In my car with the B16A2 i have DOHC VTEC therefore quick bolt-ons arent much of a help for me. However since i doubt u have an Si i would suggest the AEM V2 CAS, high flow headers, and a catback exhaust.

Any other questions feel free to ask me i love helping out a Honda Tuner b/c to be honest with you there arent many of us around my parts

posted by  CivicSi

Holy shit Hobo, you care to explain what that exactly is? I looks interesting..

posted by  DSMer

Looks like 4 turbos to me... correct?
Not familiar with the car or the engine though ... hobo?

posted by  windsonian

It appears to be a 57 Chevy. You can tell by the valve covers and intake heads that its a newer Chevy V8 engine. Probably an LT1 or LS1. Anywhos, the question is that I only visibly see 4 structures that resemble turbos. The confusion entials is where I see 8 exahust header tubes that lead to 8 different turbo exhaust inlets. If there were only 4 turbos then there would more than likley be 2 header tubes to each turbo. If I'm not mistaken, I can visibly see 8 different turbos.

The picture is confusing as there is alot that is'nt visible. Again, I think Hobo may be able to clear this one up.

posted by  DSMer

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