How do multi-engine cars work?

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First is first how do multi-engine cars work?
Second what are the limitations of how many engines?
What are they normally used for?
What are the typical engine setups... and or specs of the engine and all that good stuff?
Any information is welcome!

I'm not looking to get one or anything I'm just curious. Thanks!

posted by  DarkVixen

Well first let me say it's a good thing you don't plan on getting a multi-engine car as you're not likely to find many on the showroom floor. On to the answers.

1. Not so good, one reason they're not very common. Different multi-engine set-ups have been tried over the years. Some are mechanically linked through gearboxes, some are directly linked end to end, some are linked through their powertrain management systems and have no physical linkage. The problem is always the same, how do you make two (or more) engines do exactly the same thing at the same time.

2. Really the only limitations are space, weight, money and imagination.

3. The most common use these days are in tractor pull machines. Six or seven engines are not uncommon.

4. See numbers one and two. There really isn't any typical set-up or specification. How's that?

posted by  vwhobo

I believe the Ford GT90 was powered by 2 V6's, I could be wrong however. Please correct me if I am.

posted by  Widowmaker2k

Well you're pretty damn close. They actaully took two V8's, lopped off the rear two cylinders from one and the front two cylinders from the other, then performed the required maching and welded them together. So it's sorta like two V6's but it's still one engine, not two. I don't think that meets her criteria but it's still a cool car and engine. I've seen it written somewhere that it's two L6's joined but I don't know where they got that info.

posted by  vwhobo

I heard they were used for like drag racing as well? Is that true?

And all the answers you gave me are great thanks. It's just random curiosity more than must know. Any other info I can get on them would be great as well.. like links, just info and all that good stuff from anyone. Thanks again!

posted by  DarkVixen

Yes, you'll see them occasionally in a dragster but they're honestly more for exhibition than speed. Notice the fastest dragsters are all single engine.

posted by  vwhobo

True true, I see what you mean. It makes sense too. But as you will soon come to realize because of the questions I will ask, I don't know a whole lot about cars but I want to learn. Thus the reason I'm asking the questions. Thanks again for answering.

posted by  DarkVixen

As a mechanical engineering major i find this very interesting how the heck do they manage to get all the power from the different engines together like how do they cuple them. I've seen tractor pulls before with upwards of 6 engines and i've always wondered what they use for a tranny. Any one know of a link that shows pictures or anyone have a simple explination as to how they work? Gracias

posted by  slavboy1

Maybe this will help.

posted by  vwhobo

Ha wow makes my brain hurt too much power...wait a minute is that possible? hahaha

posted by  slavboy1

thanks for the info

posted by  argento9

hmm ill give u some credit argento by attempting to sneak that advertising by me in ure sig.... :rolleyes:

some people are so desperate

posted by  SuperJew

When linked together with a solid drive shaft it makes a v-16 engine. Using two of the same engines and all the same parts it not hard to make twice the power than one engine. The front motor is pushing the rear motor sending double power to the rear wheels. if you look up the twin engine miata on google you will see what i mean. this is a cheap way of getting mega power like the big boys and keeping the big money they spend in your pocket. I have driven this car and it is light and super fast. It is like a sling shot for the street.

twin v8 engines   25 Feb 2012 04:07

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