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As many of you know before Mercedes used Nano particle paint, their car's paint would fade easily, and lose it's shine, the color would last foreeeeeever, but the shine would go away in a year and a half.

I'm thinking of getting a used Mercedes Benz, a C32 and making it look exactaly like the 06 c230 sports sedan, to do this would involve re-painting it. PROPERLY, I want to do the whole update for under 3.5k which means about 1.2k for a repaint.

This is a repaint that involves removing the original paint, masking everything, then doing several coats of high quality normal paint, and a clear coat to protect it.

How much am I looking at here? Additionaly I plan to sell the car in 3 years and hopefully get almost all of the money back, when you normaly re-paint a car it shows up on car-fax etc, what exactaly (what forms/law) causes this, and how would I prevent it?

Also what else do I need to know, and what other things would you guys recommend, like paints to use, colors to use etc.

I want it to look stock, but I want it to look like it's Brand New from the factory.

posted by  Legion5

well, unless someones stupid, theyll know the car has been repainted, so whats the worry of it showing up on a carfax - especially if its just a paintjob, and not bodywork?....

as for cost, id say it would be less then that, probably in the range of 500-600 bucks. I know up here theres a shop that will strip down a car, prime, paint, and put 5 layers of clear coat on for 600$... so i can't see doing it yourself costing a hell of a lot more then that....if not less, considering you wont be paying for labour.

posted by  dodgerforlife

well some one else would be doing it, but I don't want just normal paint.

Also what's powder coating?

Mercedes also started to use a color called "Iridium Silver" which is essentialy "Iridecent Silver", or a silver that has color changing properties to it (ie iridecent).

To quote "The new-for-2005 Iridium Silver paint is, for lack of a better word, more distinctive than the Brilliant Silver it replaces -- not very different, mind you, but a bit lighter and brighter than other silver cars on the road."

So pretty much, I would like to use the exact same paint that's on the 05 SLR McLaren, and I mean the EXACT same.

The Black on the SLR is called "Crystal Galaxite Black" the silver, is called "Crystal Laurite Silver" (a different kind of Irridium silver probably).

Those are the paints I want my car painted with.

so if I happened to get enough Crystal Galaxite/Laurite Touch up paint, would a paint shop be able to put it on evenly on the car, with their normal equipment? and clear coat it?

posted by  Legion5

i doubt youd be able to get the EXACT same paint, because im sure its trademarked by Benz...and unless one of the shops in your area can get it, your SOL - but they should be able to get something very similar....

I'd recommend checking out House of Kolors - theyll probably have something that is like a 99% match...

as for clear coats - should follow the same process...

and no reason for a standard shop to be able to apply the paint without special equipment.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Here's the thing, it shows up on carfax as "beware, this car has been to a bodyshop. It could have possibly been in an accident."

I know this because when I carfaxed my eg before buying her, It said just that :ohcrap: . It didnt explain that it was painted integra type r white, it just said "beware".

posted by  elchango36

IMHO opinion, thats retarded - only a complete fool would trust a carfax when buying a used vehicle - you gotta check the damn thing out - pop the hood, look at the engine bay, you can tell if the grease and oil was cleaned off, or if the frame was welded - pop the trunk, lift the carpet, you'll be able to see if there was damage - check the wheelwells for rust, probably the most overlooked place when repainting a vehicle(or in my case, looking to see if the car is an "easter baby" - coming from down east(ontario/quebec), where a lot of salt is put on the roads in winter, causing premature rusting in the wheelwells). Then theres always the test drive...

posted by  dodgerforlife

It would probably come out cheaper to give it to a shop, unless you have a paint spray gun, and a compressor...

BTW I think carfax is just for people who don't know what they are looking at when they look inside a car...

posted by  chris_knows

it's not gonna be too expensive.a friend of mine works in a body shop preping and painting cars. if u can't get the color u want he can get any color made.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

painting a car with good paint cost weight more than 600. a gallon of good automotive paint costs $500 I think u either need 2.5 or 3 gallons to paint a regular sixed car. i know plentry of painters in bodyshops and they told me it would cost at least 2k to paint and integra/eclipse. A regular bodyshop will probably charge around $2500. If you go to AAMCO or Macco ( i forgot with one) they will cahrge u like $500 but they use cheap paint that loses it's shine and fades so i wouldn't recomend it.

posted by  V-TECH

see that's what I'm talking about.

The Mercedes Iridium Silver Paint is 290$ a gallon and the SLR paint once I go high enough in the Mercedes/McLaren higherarchy for them to tell me what it is will cost the same. So it's gona be 600$ paint, plus 200$ Primer, plus 300$ Clear Coat.

So 1.1k and they'll charge around 600$ to do it, so 1.5 for the whole thing.

That's if it takes 2 galons of paint, primer and clear coat.

I live in Washington DC and I've even googled this several times, and can't find a proffesional place that does this kind of stuff.

posted by  Legion5

Check in the phonebook...

posted by  chris_knows

Hah, I did, I found several very "sleezy" looking places. I bassicaly want a good deal from one of those places they use on "Pimp My Ride".

posted by  Legion5

Ok, if you want a late model Mercedes to be completely repainted and look like new, the paint job at a respectable shop can run between $5-10k. Yes, that's right. Even at the shop I had, to do it right would run almost $4k (I had lower overhead). Over a grand of that is simply in paint materials, the rest in the labor necessary to do it right, including removing all trim next to painted areas, prepping the body and all the jambs, removing parts that needed removing (like bumpers and handles and separate panels), careful sanding, priming, ceaning, sanding again, color coat application, color sanding, final color coat application, clear coat, wetsanding, final clear coat, and rubbing out the paint and reassembly (carefully, and with new clips for teh trim that was removed).

If I were to use high end Sikkens paint from germany rather than the PPG and HOK stuff I normally use on high end jobs, the materials bill could run over $2000 to do it right.

posted by  ChrisV

So do you know a place Chris? Maryland isn't that far from here.

The thing is, scince I'm repainting it the same color, plus providing the paint, primer and clear coat. it should save some money.

Only the parts that are dull would need to be completly redone, but that's probably most of the car, all it really is is labor, and a place to do it.

For about 800$ for all that. (labor etc)

The paint I'm actualy getting from these guys:

Custom mixed at 300$ a galon for paint, then 100$ a galon for primer and clear coat.

Are these guys good?

posted by  Legion5

I don't have anyone else do my cars, and I had a shop for over a decade. So no, I cna' trecommend anyone in MD for you. I don't do it for a living anymore, but I'll still be the only one painting my cars (like on my Fiat: )

@ $60 an hour, $600 in labor is 10 hours. 10 hours barely covers the initial prep. IF you want it to look like it's never been touched.

If you want to cheese out and have Maaco levels of prepwork, you can get it for what you want. But if you want it done right, it'll be a bunch more money.

posted by  ChrisV

how much are we talking?

posted by  Legion5

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