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What is the difference between the 2? I cant find it anywhere, I was looking through password JDM site and they have the power chamber intakes along with other parts in carbon fiber and carbon kevlar.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Kevlar

posted by  newyorker

Come on someone must know

posted by  newyorker

Of course there is, because I am here and I know everything.

The difference between "carbon fiber" and "carbon Kevlar" is very elementary. I'm surprised (no, not really) that someone who professes to know as much as you do can't find it in a text or engineering book (you know, those things with pages) or somewhere on the internet. I guess it would take effort on your part.

First the terminolgy. If all you bought was something made from carbon fiber, you'd have an item that is as limp as your little dick that looks pretty much like a piece of black burlap. Carbon fiber is nothing more than a thread made of carbon filiment. It's then woven to make carbon fiber cloth. To make parts and pieces it has to be laid out on a buck or form and then saturated/coated with either a liquid plastic (cheap stuff) or epoxy resin. (Note: that is not a how-to guide, it's much more involved, almost exactly like hand laying fiberglass.) After it sets up it's now properly called carbon fiber plastic composite or carbon fiber epoxy composite.

Now what's the difference between carbon fiber and carbon/Kevlar fiber? It should come as no surprise to anyone that carbon fiber is black because... Generally speaking carbon is black (yes, colored carbon fiber is available, but prohibitively expensive). However, because Kevlar is a 100% synthetic man-made product, it can be colored during manufacturing. Red, yellow, blue, hot pink like the g-string you wear for your boyfriend, it doesn't matter. I think it can even be made clear.

So look at the pictures. The "carbon fiber" item is black. Remember why? The "carbon Kevlar" item is black and gold. Why? Because the matting is woven from black carbon fiber and gold Kevlar. Simple. The funny thing is you could buy the same item made out of plastic and it would work just as well. It just wouldn't look as cool.

posted by  vwhobo

I was told that for instance, CF hoods use metal and carbon kevlar to reinforce them because CF is weak. Also, what is "dry" carbon fiber?

posted by  newyorker

Weclome back Hobo:clap:

posted by  Spanky2324

i am going to risk pissing off the all knowing hobo and say... you really didn't say what was the difference between the two... as of their properties and all.. even a goat could tell from the names that they are made of differen't stuff.. but i don't think the kid was asking what are they made off.. it sounded more like he was asking which one is better...

posted by  ateymura

That was answered. Didn't you see it? :screwy:

posted by  thefonz

I wasnt asking which is better, I want to know the difference between the 2...noone has answered that yet

posted by  newyorker

the name should tip you off to begin with.
the "fibre" refers to a structure, the "kevlar" refers to a material.

Carbon fibre is essentially a mesh of carbon (graphite) "fibres" or strings (usually woven to form the fabric mesh) in some sort of polymer (plastic) matrix. It is very light and very stiff (directionally). similar to fibreglass but with carbon instead of glass fibres.

The "carbon kevlar" is still a carbon fibre mesh in a matrix, but they add some kevlar fibres to add some strength. While being light and stiff, the carbon fibre isn't particularly strong. By adding some kevlar, you sacrifice some lightness (ie, it's heavier) but gain some strength.

You can get kevlar fibre too, but what you're talking about is a hybrid between the two.

posted by  windsonian

Do I need to repeat myself?

or you feel like being an ass just because I said you were wrong in some other post?..

posted by  ateymura

vwhobo's quote: The funny thing is you could buy the same item made out of plastic and it would work just as well. It just wouldn't look as cool.

posted by  thefonz

He wasn't really seeking an answer, he was pointing out that Hobo didn't say much besides describing the pictures and add sarcasm. The Fonz was doing what all cult members do: blindly follow. Windsonian answered the question.

posted by  What

I personally think that windsonian's post is far more informative.. at least it describes some of the differencies of properties of the two.. weight, stiffness and strength...

posted by  ateymura

Get the **** out of my are not answering anything.

posted by  newyorker

Look one post up, and take the same advice. Get the **** out of here

posted by  newyorker

The problem is, as usual, the way the question is posed. Hobo answered the differences in material if you read it, he also pointed out that a plastic part would work just as good, which answered which works better.

Now, I ask what do you REALLY want to know. Knowing the differences in materials isn't useful as to whether this part functions or not. Do you want to know which FUNCTIONS better? Or what the differences in FUNCTION are?

It's glaringly obvious when you look at them that they are different materials. There is no FUNCTIONAL difference between the two materials other than color and one is slightly heavier and stronger than the other. For an air intake that's not important.

The DESIGN is the same between them so there is no PERFORMANCE difference between them. And as Hobo said, a plain ABS plastic one would work just as good.

So what DIFFERENCE besides the glaringly obvious one do you want to know about?

posted by  ChrisV

I dont need to know about the intakes. I want to know what is the difference between carbon fiber and carbon kevlar...the materials, their properties, etc.

posted by  newyorker

Carbon Kevlar is stronger and heavier, usualyl used for cosmetics since it can be colored. Alot of the time it is sold as "Cosmetic Only" indicating it should not be used for structure, just applied as a top layer. Carbon fiber weave by itself is lighter and weaker. As far as strength to weight goes, Carbon Fiber probably wins out, but I am unsure. It all depends on how many layers are being put onto the piece though. These are just generalities. If the manufacturer puts down too much resin, then the manufacturer made it heavier with out adding much strength. That will negate any benefit in lightness or material benefits. In either case, there is no need to make an intake box out of carbon kevlar/carbon fiber unless you really want to save a couple of ounces. I use fiberglass primarily since the gains of carbonfiber wouldn't really be realized in most of the stuff I do. Carbon fiber for hoods and large areas, but for little things I prefer to save a little cash and use fiber glass. I know I didn't supply the specific heat, molecular weight, etc of the materials, but I hope that helped. If you really want to go into the nitty gritty you might just search for it on google since you know what it is you want to know better than anyone else here..

posted by  rudypoochris

this is the answer i was looking for thanks

posted by  newyorker

Carbon fiber really is overrated in aftermarket use. It's some brittle, sissy shit that doesn't save much weight over fiberglass unless you're building a frickin' house.

It looks cool though.

posted by  What

Well it does save a alot of weight proportionally to fiberglass. In the big scope of things metal -> composite it usually doesn't make sense. For instance you may have a 45lb metal hood which would be 9lb in fiberglass, sure it may be 6lbs in carbon fiber (which is a 33% weight savings over fiber glass, which is alot). But at that point who really cares about 3 lbs other then strict racing applications.

posted by  rudypoochris

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