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If I could choose my favorite car of all time it would have to be the Aston Martin DB9 :thumbs: If you could choose a favorite car what would it be?? let me know.....

posted by  Iwantafastcar

Ariel Atom

posted by  newyorker

:rock: :rock: definetly the viper, almost any year accept the real early RT-10s cuz in not a big convertable fan but the gts or any newer year is definetly my favorite car of all time... but.... my DREAM car the car i will never own because i know ill own vipers.. is he s7 that shit is FIRE!!!!!!!

posted by  GGtc4

The Batmobile from Batman: the Animated Series, as well as the Delorean from Back to the Future II, are up there in my favorite cars of all time. Too bad they're not real.

http://www.gothamtoys.com/btas.jpghttp://www.gothamtoys.com/btas5.jpghttp:/ /www.gothamtoys.com/bttas4.jpghttp://www.gothamtoys.com/bttas3.jpg

posted by  elchango36

1987 Ferrari F40:smoke:

posted by  speeder

The Audi R8 :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:


posted by  -Ice-

I have to say that the new Audi is not my most fav car to look at does anyone else feel that it is not really a looker???? :ohcrap: What is the best looking car of all time and please don't say a mini or VW Beatle lol

posted by  Iwantafastcar

I like Tata indica best. It is manufactured by Tata motors, India. It is very cool to ride.

posted by  aarathi

That's what we called the Rover CityRover in the UK....It never sold very well and was intended as a successor to the old Rover 100...

http://www.mossgreenservicestation.co.uk/mossgreen/uploaded_images/IMG_0854 -728214.jpg

Rover 100 (Metro)

The Metro was axed due to poor safety ratings in the Euro NCAP tests (1-Star....)

posted by  Cliffy

definitely a bentley phantom :thumbs:

posted by  isolovecars

ummm there is no such thing as a "bentley phantom." there is something called a rolls royce Phantom which I actually own...it costs upwards of 350k. :clap:

posted by  solarrr

Hey my fav ... is the good old monster .... FORD MUSTANG ... WITH A V6 ON IT !!!

posted by  crysis999

'73 Ford Falcon XB GT

posted by  The_Wheelman

you only own one?? I've got a couple

posted by  windsonian

I ride in a solid gold Zepplin that is fueled by Strativariouses.

posted by  giant016

yep, they burn good.

posted by  windsonian

i would have to say the corvette sting ray the older ones like in the late 60s early 70s

posted by  Melonsgurl88

Well I'm a car nut, and I do love muscle cars, but the old 70's and 80's econoboxes always have interested me. The AMC Pacer, and Gremlin are nice looking and are awesome with a more powerful engine swapped in. The Vega has a cool look about it but engine swapping is mandatory (that aluminum block was horrible, though the rest of the car was pretty sweet).

Personally, out of all of them the Chevette is my favourite, and I'm in the process of restoring one of these mini gas sipping tanks.

posted by  Alohaman

If i had a chance for choise and had enough money i could buy mitsubishi evolution 9..Because dont like coupe car a lot and car must be comformable for drift:)

posted by  bekliyorum0

Omni GLH-S!

posted by  giant016

1969 Olds Cutlass 442
1979 Olds Cutlass
1969-1970 Corvettes

posted by  tbaxleyjr

'63-64 Ferrari 25 GT Berlinetta Lusso
'35 Talbot Lago T150C coupe
Ford GT40 Mk 1

posted by  ChrisV

Dodge challenger:orglaugh:

posted by  dirtfan

I think it would be...BMW X5 4.8i. Great car...

posted by  m0n0x!de

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