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Would you pay for a car? I'm not sure I'd be willing to pay as much as a house for a car, even if I was a wealthy business tycoon. If I had the money I'd probably spend no more than around £50,000 for a motor, and even that would be pushing the boat out. It would just depress the hell outta me to be driving around in something so extravagant. But then, I'm far from rich so maybe if it came to the crunch I'd go wild and spend a couple of hundred thousand....How much would you spend? Or how much have you spent? Don't be shy, this is a public poll, lol. By the way, because I know most of you work in '$' that's what the options are in....

posted by  Cliffy

I'd spend between $10,000 and $20,000 right now (under $12,000 or $13,000)...Further on in life I'd spend more, but depends on how stuff work out. If I become a billionaire, I doubt that I would limit how much money I would spend on some car, but most would be pretty normal, so I could drive them every day.

posted by  chris_knows

Why would I spend a lot of money on a car just so some dumbass could come and key it or dent it? I would much rather have acreage. If I had money to waste: A sedan for daily driving, maybe a big truck(International XT ( 771fb0dd60c610580dbea0/?vgnextoid=8e793d9e417dd010VgnVCM1000002101010aRCRD) Baby!) to haul things, and maybe a Solstice or Vette convertible for those spring weekends, but not until I am a millionaire with acreage:mrgreen: .

posted by  dvdrose18

Fully loaded Ram 3500 Laramie - 65,000$

Twin-Turbo upgrade - $6500

Smokestack exhaust - $5000

Skyjack kit, 4/6 - $3500

Tractor-Trailer Wheels - $3000

Yeah......I'd be going balls to the walls with the big boy.

Next to that, a yeah, 90,000$

posted by  dodgerforlife

Assuming I had the funds, I'd be willing to spend any amount on a car so long as I didn't go completely broke. If I were Bill Gates, I'd pretty much spend any amount of money on the right car.

posted by  jedimario

I wouldn't limit myself to how much I would spend. I'm with dvdrose in that I'd spend a lot of money on my home/property first, but if everything else more important is taken care of, why not splurge? I'd love to own an F1 car, so I'm guessing that would set me back for the 50,000 lbs.

However, I'd be more likely to own 20-30 cars that are worth 30K or so on average. Everytime I go to a car show I say to myself "If I had the money, that's the car I'd build up" but I say it referring to about 20 different cars. O could never choose one or two, but if you're rich you don't have to.

Also, before I dropped 100K+ on a car, I'd call around for price quotes on having a track paved in my back yard.

posted by  giant016

Caparo T1 ( drive). It's like an F1 car, made by McLaren, and street legal. Costs $350,000, which I would imagine is a lot cheaper than an F1 car. Just that it's got terrible build quality. It's injured some people; caught on fire, the brakes have stopped working, etc. I love the aggressive looks though.

posted by  chris_knows

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