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Check out this car, soon to be released with 400 people already coughing up the deposit. senger

After reading the article, what are the opinions? In my opinion that is a step towards the future of 100% clean technology but I doubt the world is ready for it. Firstly, the electric-only version is useless as 120 miles is not enough to drive on. The hybrid version, making 'up to' 300mpg would have to suffice. Secondly, it is way too small and way too slow to be liked by many. Finally, its unique technology and design makes me think that it's not very safe, although the designer begs to differ.

Agree, disagree?

posted by  Nissan_Altima

It looks like shit, and is made of shit. Its perfect for the enviro-obesessed idiots that have signed up to buy it

posted by  newyorker

What are 2.5 seats? Is that like one regular guy and a fat guy? lol.

120 miles would be enough for most people on most days, but there's always that one day every month, where you'd wish you got the hybrid.

Personally, I wouldn't buy one of those, and it doesn't look like it will catch on--although it looks pretty cool. However, if enough people want to buy it, then that company is onto something, and more companies will do the same. That's the free-market. That energy bill that was passed a few weeks back basically forces all companies to do this, regardless of whether anyone actually wants it.

posted by  chris_knows

Dude so far today, I drove 200 miles (ive been up since 2:30am), then I have to interview for some work, add 60 there and back, then friends house and wherever we go, usually 50 miles around...thats 310 miles at least just today lol that thing wouldnt to me any good....i personally think its retarded

posted by  newyorker

You're either lying or really, really wanted to drive. To prevent flame wars, I'll take the latter of the two. Most people do not drive 200+ miles a day regularly and, truck, taxi, etc drivers aside, there is no necessity for anyone to do so.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

I had to drive a friend to the I dont do it regularly, its a one shot deal, but it would suck for the people that got this car because they wouldnt be able to take a longish trip without having a secondary car for it...its kinda like cars that run on natural gas, yea its nice and good if you have a fill station at home, but that stuff isnt readily available everywhere, so you really cant take a trip somewhere in the car because it will run out of fuel...

posted by  newyorker

Hey, lets all criticize before we actually read carefully.

The car runs 120 miles on just a battery. In highbrid mode it goes 600 miles on a tank, getting 300mpg.

If everything holds true I doubt they'll have trouble selling them. Personally I think it looks too futuristic, making people balk at it. Give it a fourth wheel, and 500lbs. It'll probably still get 150+mpg and people won't feel as awkward driving it. That being said, I doubt that the statistics/price will indeed hold true. Pretty intersting read though.

posted by  giant016

I drive over 200 miles a day at least once a week. Your presumption is flawed. I'm none of those things you listed.

posted by  3xBeam

He said MOST. Virtually everyone drives over 120 miles once in a while though. Also, I wonder if those stats are during a nice sunny day, or during the winter, when there is snow, you need the heater, defrosters, possibly windshield wipers, radio, etc.

I remember reading that the EV-1 cars that people were mad about because they were taken off the market (Who Killed the Electric Car) would only get 8 or 12 miles on a typical Michigan winter day. I think they were rated for like 40 miles on a good day though.

posted by  chris_knows

Still. I drive at least 120 every week day. And if I have two jobs that day, it can easily be 200+. An electric car that doesn't do 250 miles charged in nothing more than a novelty. It's not really practical imo.

posted by  3xBeam

That as well as the 8 hour charge time.

posted by  chris_knows


Although I am not certain everything you have mentioned will actually have an affect, I would presume that there is the same flaw here as there is with "modern, average cars". Usually the estimated mileage is in such perfect conditions that it can't be reached. I would say 300mpg is being optimistic.

If you don't mind me asking, what do you do? Judging from this post, it seems that you either deliver something or drive out to places. This would cause a lot of mileage; however a majority of the people still drive from home to work and back throughout the weekdays. Even including driving and shopping around, it should be considerably less than 120 miles. I know 120 miles a day is enough for both of my parents and would be enough for me, if I didn't enjoy driving on the weekends so much.

Nonetheless, it can be practice by buying the hybrid version. Providing it does get 300mpg, that's sufficient for most people.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

This car reminds me of the Smart cars in a way...yea its innovative and all but it doesnt seem practical, and it wont be as good as they say. Smart told us about the smart car being very safe due to the tridion safety cell, that its ridgid and wont cave in on you...yea thats all nice and true, but if you get hit, the car has tiny crumple zones and the whiplash alone would break your neck...

im curious to see where it goes though, I dont think it will take off and change the automotive industry, nor will it sell very well...seems more of a novelty item than anything, im sure Jay Leno and Hassanal Bolkiah are on the list to buy it, just for the hell of it

posted by  newyorker

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