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i really like this car and want to make one just like this.... what do you all think?

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posted by  wheelman

a perfectly good car...ruined

posted by  newyorker

"what do YOU think?" is the important question. what we all think is kinda irrelevant when you have to see it in your driveway every morning... do what YOU want...:2cents:

posted by  dodger65

Hi all...For something under the $20,000, the Honda Civic Si two door coupe is really quite a nice car. (At least that's what I hear.) I understand that Honda has put in an astounding amount of equipment and engineering into the car- the center of it is probably its robust engine. ( The same one in the Acura Rsx..) In my humble opinion, a good choice for a tuner car. Why not?

posted by  dc_zhen

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