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Now, I'm new here, so go easy on me if I mess something up. I'm 15 and I'll be starting driver's ed soon. And if this is important to you guys in any way, I'm Asian - dunno, my friends say it affects my driving skills - poorly :ticking: .

Aside from that, I come from a more wealthy part of Washington where people are driving BMWs and Porsches and the occasional Escalade which pops up every now and then.

My sister received her first car in late 2006 in the form of a 2006 BMW 325i Sedan. Used. Mildly. Oh man, I was jealous. But I knew when the day came, I'd get my own car. Of equal price. I hope.

My parents have "silently" promised me a sports car for my first. Well, at least, they're considering it, as they don't need another sedan and having a coupe might be a little bit of fun.

So I presented my weapon of choice to my parents, and they were slightly disturbed by my tastes.

The list below contains choices that I have researched on mildly and thought that would fit within my estimated budget of $35,000 (that's around how much my sister's BMW costs at the time).

Tell me what you think of these cars, or point out facts that may be of interest to me. If a car you like is not in this list, suggest it, but I'm pretty sure I've looked through every sports car possible, and have excluded those that I don't really like from the list.

THE LIST! :smoke:

BMW 128i Coupe - My parents are all about safety and reliability. They don't want a car that will breakdown in the middle of nowhere, and at the same time, a car that won't display this family's expensive taste in cars. A BMW is a BMW. I chose this car, and my parents agreed after experiencing the quality in materials that my sister's BMW had. If this is the same for the 128i, then hell, I won't get to choose my car. They'll get this one right away.

Nissan 350z - A lot of power for the money. 306HP in a V6 for $27,000 base. Sounds good, but the I've heard that the quality is a little lacking in the interior. It's understandable as the 350z is a new body, but I just LOVE how it looks and performs. I could care less for the parts in the interior. What do you think?

Audi TT - Highly doubt I'll get this. People say it's a woman's car. From the back, I agree. But the front shows it's masculinity. The 2007 and 2008 models really shows the Audi TT's new target consumer: Men. The entire front looks much more aggressive, but you still get that round bottom at the back. Quality wise, I'm pretty sure Audi is on-par with BMW. Plus, my mom loves this car. The only thing that may put this off is the price. Pretty expensive.

Used Acura NSX - All parents agree that a child's first car should be used. Well, this is my choice of a used car. I found a 1993 Acura NSX for $30,000. Except, now that I'm writing this, I'm remembering the horrors of those pictures. The exterior looks great, but the interior looks a little damaged. The area around the stick has rusted. A bad sign. Maybe a used car shouldn't be as old as me.

Mazda Rx-8 - My parents don't trust in the quality and safeness of Mazdas. Apparently they've had a bad experience with these cars. But what about the Rx-8? Anything special? Probably not. I might as well wait for the newer one to come out and then suggest it again.

Used BMW Z4 - The looks of this car is stunning. On the road I've heard it's a hassle to drive, but I can't get over the outside. Just as long as you look at it head on and slanted at the side, it's fine. Just don't look straight on at the side. It begins to look like a large shoe with wheels. Other than that, I doubt I'll get this either as when the BMW 1 series is released, all attention will be drawn to them.

But if I were to choose one, I think I'd go with the 350z. A very unique look. I think all BMWs look the same, but that's just me. Until the release of the 1 series, I won't be changing my mind anytime soon. For some reason, I just love the 350z. If you could, I'd like to know more about it - specifically it's safety features, as that's what my parents are looking for. I've done my own research and it doesn't look too good.

posted by  TWiTCHY

Buy the new Accord coupe. It gets good gas mileage, its good looking, sporty, and fairly inexpensive. :2cents:

But if you like your "list" then go for the BMW 128i coupe or 3 door, i'd personally take the 3 door.

posted by  99integra

I'm really tired of these threads!:banghead:

posted by  elchango36

how about this

get a job
buy a good starter car

that way you wont look like a spoiled prick when the police are scraping you off of the sidewalk because mommy and daddy bought you that sports car you wanted

posted by  newyorker

Haha, wow. Isn't someone angry at life. "Starter car" could mean a myriad of things... from Toyota Corolla to SL AMG. It would probably be best to let his guardians decide that for him. I'm sure they won't base their financial decision on what WE think.

Science forbid that ever happen :ohcrap: .

posted by  DSMer

No im just tired of hearing about kids who just got their licences dying in car accidents becasue they were driving sports cars...and its always the same story "_____ grew up in the suburbs, _____'s parents said when they bought ______the car, they never imagined this happening" and its always some little snotty mother****er with a car he cant handle. Its always the same story with these idiots too sometihng like "im better than you because my mom and dad have more money and give me whatever i want, and ive never done any hard work in my life because everything has been given to me and done for me, it must really suck to be you seeing that you dont have someone spoon feeding you your entire life."

posted by  newyorker

Wow, this poster didn't display any of that. Somebody looks jealous! Grow up.

Kid, it seems like you've got your heart on the 350, and if you get anything else you'll regret it. Just remember that you're human and bad things will happen if you're stupid.

posted by  giant016

No Giant, he doesnt look like a spoiled prick at all.

posted by  newyorker

hhaha .... gold!

There's a difference between being spoilt and knowing you're lucky that your parents will be able to afford a good car for you.

posted by  windsonian

First of all, sorry to upset you, but where I live it's the norm. Kids at my school, usually sophomores up to seniors drive completely new cars - I've only seen a couple people get used cars, including my sister, but again, it's not as bad as I thought it was.

Simply put, everyone around here works at Microsoft, Boeing, or is a doctor, and gets well paid. The amount of Microsoft campuses and orthodontic offices overwhelm this part of Washington, and it's probably more than you will ever see anywhere else around the world.

I understand that where you live, wherever it may be, could be different. I didn't realize that it would affect anyone this much. I'm only here to look for help.

But in response to:

I'm not the type of person looking to go as fast as I can down a street. In this part of Washington, cops are trained to pursue speeding drivers. If the car I choose supposedly reflects my personality, then I guess sports cars aren't for me. The only reason I want one is because I love how they look and perform - not to show off how filthy rich I am.

posted by  TWiTCHY

Don't listen to him mate.... you seem to have your head screwed on. Unlike some others...

posted by  windsonian

I'm glad that you have a profound insight into personality via the internet. You should publish a book or something... Seriously. I'd read it.


TWiTCHY, if your parents are into safety, I can assure you that 2 seater coupes won't convey it in their mind. Because nothing spells safety like a 2 seat metal contraption of death. Ultimately the decision is up to your parents, but there are ways to "allude" their minds into thinking safety while still getting what you want.

Like the 335i/G35 coupe... Synonymous with "safety and reliability", but they still give you that performance you're looking for.

posted by  DSMer

Well, my parents aren't big car people, and they don't really judge car safety and reliability by models, but by make. If a single car make has a bad reputation, they won't buy any of those cars.

And while I agree with you that coupes may not be the safest cars around, what would you consider the safest sports car there is?

I never really liked the G35, and I'm not sure what my parents think of Infiniti. I kind of consider it the luxury side of the 350z.

posted by  TWiTCHY

Dude as long as you dont put up a front and act big cause your parents got you a car, and drive realizing that its a sports car and isnt exactly your typical toyota camry you are ok

posted by  newyorker

Just because somebody is showered with gifts doesn't make them spoiled in my book. Look at the word spoiled...means it went bad. This kid seems fine, if the money negatively affected him he would indeed be spoiled.

posted by  giant016

and yet you choose to immediately assume the worst of him first... and THEN give him a chance afterwards....:screwy:

posted by  windsonian

There is no such thing as "safest"; not in my mind. Crash tests aside... I had a friend crash in her Navigator and just about all 3 passengers broke something. My cousin was t-boned in an Integra by a Ford Explorer. The car was double impacted by a car and a street pole. It took the fire department 25+ minutes to rip the car apart with the jaws of life and get him out. Not one scratch on his body.

Safe is dependent upon the driver and sometimes a few other uncontrollable factors. If you're respecting the laws of the road and hell the laws of physics then you can be safe in just about anything. Crash test ratings are nice to know, but they are a false sense of security that car companies leverage to increase sales. Granted there are a few situations in life where accidents are unavoidable and it helps to have something that won't crumple up like a soggy cookie in milk.

That doesn't negate the fact that general common sense should be used when driving. If you're out on the road doing something you have no business doing, then the only stars that can save your life will be the one that pulls you over.

IMO, buying something that you feel comfortable driving is a hell of a lot more important. Won't do you any good if you drive the car awkwardly. I like the 350Z, but if you're vertically challenged it may not be the best choice due to the low seat height and generally difficult viewing angles. You'd have to test drive the cars to understand what you like.. sh*t... you have to acually LEARN how to drive first.

posted by  DSMer

Now that's what my friends do. One of them is getting their dad's Mercedes S500, and he's all "it's the best thing around!" Last time I checked, that car was around $80,000 at the time, I think. If I did try to act big, I wouldn't be any bigger than an ant to them with an Asian sports car.

And again, I'm not the person that likes to show off his car - in fact, I'm afraid to. This place is crazy. You'll never know what the guy your taunting will do around here. :ohcrap:

Wow, I never really thought of it that way. I think I'll have to consider my choice on these factors you've pointed out.

posted by  TWiTCHY

its just my way

posted by  newyorker

So you won't mind if we assume the worst of you the first time you say something then?

posted by  windsonian

It's so easy to stereotype youngsters that are lucky enough to have money in tgheir family. I have seen alot worse threads than this none...He seems almost sane. :mrgreen:

I'd personally go for the 128i, as it's not so much of a sports car that you'll be getting pulled over by the Police every 100-yards, and as with most modern cars, safety has been addressed well. Did BMW bring the 130i to the States?

posted by  Cliffy

I believe they will only release the 128i and 135i in the US during spring of this year.

posted by  TWiTCHY

I wonder why BMW calls them 28 and 35 even though they both have 3.0L I6 engines in them?

Anywhos, that 335xi coupe in jet black is mine come graduation in the spring. Something about AWD, turbocharged, coupes gets me wet behind the ears and knowing that I can finally afford a $50,000 car gets me moist too...

Now that I think about it. All the BMW's either have a 3.0, 4.8 or 6.0 .... well except the M's which have the 5.0 V10 and the 3.2 I6. 335, 540, 328. BMW has been lying! :wink2:

posted by  DSMer

So if I do get a BMW 1 series, I plan on keeping it until it gets bland. After the warranty runs out, it's all mine to tinker with.

Do you think companies will begin to make aftermarket parts after its release?

posted by  TWiTCHY

You can "tinker" with the car when the warranty is still in effect. In fact, it would probably be to your advantage to do so while the car is still covered under factory warranty.

People tend to confuse what actually can void a warranty. An auto manufacturer has to prove that the item you installed caused the failure of said part in order to annul their original agreement of the warranty.

That being said, installing an intake or exhaust on your brand new 1-series couldn't interfere with BMW replacing your transmission if it went out. There is no logical way to suggest that an exhaust or intake could have caused damage to the transmission...

posted by  DSMer

Used 1997-2006 Jaguar XKR. Looks great, comes in convertible, great performance (400 hp, 400 ft*lb, 0-60 in 4.5s), comfortable to drive, luxurious but perhaps slightly dated interior (cassette player for instance), and it can really "play" meaning it can go from the most civilized of cars into a savage ferrari like monster if you want it to. MPG ain't horrible either as you can pull 20 if you really hold off on the horsepower. I recommend the 2006 XKR victory edition convertible. The rims above anything else make it eclipse all other incarnations of the XKR.

kingofaces2895   16 May 2012 06:08

I am 16 and in the same boat, my brother recieved a 2005 C06 corvette for his first car. As like you my parents are concidering buying me a more exspensive car since they got used to the higher prices, I've been researching for over two years and depending on you taste you may like some of my choices.

Porsche 911 turbo 2001-2004
You can pick one up on ebay for around your price range, if you dont mind the year their a great choice fast and have four seats.

Porsche 911 Carrera 2003-2007
A little newer so you are giving up some of the power you'd get with the turbo but depending on the model of carrera they go 0-100 around the four second mark.

Corvette C06, Z06 and Grand sport
A great two seater sports car, reviewers complain about the seats and interior but if you not a tea sipping snob you will be very comfy. I find them to be one of the best bucket seats I've riden in with lots of leg room. Depending on the the model you can get one from mid 20's and up. ranging from 420hp all the way up to 505hp more then enough hp for a new driver.

I hope this helps you,

Kevin   14 May 2012 19:40

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