Who know your tire is fubared when...

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...theres a bulge the size of a fist in the sidewall.

The customer tried to convince me it didn't need replacing...

P.S. Guess what car it is.

Bulging picy (http://img86.imageshack.us/img86/2994/0103081114anw6.jpg)

posted by  Mathew

The customer's ALWAYS right....you should know that by now, Mathew! :laughing:

By the way, I linked to that pic as it was stretching even my nice new widescreen....:wink2: :mrgreen:

posted by  Cliffy

Lol...I wonder if he knows the other guy that came here a while ago and tried to fit two different sized tires on his car.

I'm guessing that is a Z3?

posted by  chris_knows

Today I brought in a car with a flat R/F tire. The work order line 1 complaint said "R/F tire is losing air". Usually what it says when the tire simply needs a patch and off they go.

I looked over the car and returned the work order with the following list:

R/F tire sidewall damaged. Need replace.
R/R tire sidewall bulged and cracked. Need replace.
R/F wheel bent. Need repair.
R/R wheel bent. Need repair.
R/F lower control arm bent. Need replace.
Possible further suspension damage, need alignment check.

Basically from what I deduced, the customer nailed a pothole, which set off the tire warning light. The customer later confirmed this, though he neglected to give that information in the first place :laughing:

Chris, Z3 is incorrect.

posted by  Mathew

I'll have a stab at an RX-8

posted by  windsonian

You're way off....

posted by  Mathew

is it a DSM???

posted by  newyorker

No it is not. There is a fairly obvious hint that you don't have to look to far to find...

posted by  Mathew

is it a bimmer of some description? (just read your avatar description now :doh: )

Based on below.... I'm gonna say M6

posted by  windsonian


posted by  Mathew

that buldge is weird!

good work on findin out what car it is!

posted by  gerrawrd

how in the HELL did that shit even get there?

posted by  99integra

I had a guy come in with a wheel that was so tore up and bent to shit, the bead wouldnt seat, cause you couldnt get air in the tire.

Steel trailer wheel, so I start beating the shit out of it with a mallet to straighten it out, he freaks out and starts yellign at me, I was like hey man its a steel wheel its not gonna hurt it and the way it is now, it wont even hold ANY air. He apologized then thanked me for the extra work.

Straightening steel wheels is great stress relief.

A buddy of mine wanted me to straighten his HRE wheel with the mallet. UHH NO. He was like Ive seen you do it with steel wheels, just hit it a few times til I send it off. UHH NO. haha

posted by  Enthusiast

i am not going to guess what kinda car it is but my moms buick and the tire

compleaty blew off the rim it was really weird i never thought that was

possible but what do i know lol am just a FEMALE around here


posted by  Melonsgurl88

I find it hard to believe that some rich pompous dumbass decided he could get "adventurous" with his $100,000 M6 and not want to replace the wheel and or tire.

My best guess is that the vehicle isn't his nor does it belong to him. I'd actually be willing to stake a large sum of money that he was in fact test driving the car. Decided to slip the DLC off and seeing as that the gearbox for an M6 has about 20 different settings, he lost control of the car and hit nice sized curb.

I only know the exact details of this because some idiot employee broke the rear axle on a brand new M5 attempting to pull a similar stunt. These damn kids watch a few episodes of TopGear and assume that because Jeremy Clarkson can do power slides at 80 mph. Why shouldn't they be able to? Well, the list of reasons why could fill a book. $10,000 for a new axle on a M5...

posted by  DSMer

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