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hey everyone, Its about that time for me to change my brake pads, i got a nice squeel goin on right now, anyways, someone was tellin me about NRS equipped brakes, somethin about the way the pad is attached is different and they are supposed to last much longer, and are better.... anyone got any idea about NRS or brakes equipped by this? or does it even matter?

posted by  gerrawrd

NRS (or NUCAP Retention System) Brake Pads are set on the backing plate using tons of tiny hooks to latch the pad to the plate. This prevents Friction Delamination (pad's bond to plate breaking down). Friction Delamination causes vibrations from the pads which in turn cause the noise heard from your brakes. Since the pads are attached to the plate with hooks instead of adheisive, it is stronger and won't breakdown. These brakes are used in NASCAR because of the intense heat the pads can handle and Friction Delamination won't occur. The pads also provide 100% stopping power down to the last millimeter of fricton. NRS Brake Pads are definately something you should look into.

posted by  64RaceTeam

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