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I have a toyota 1988 toyota LE with 103,000 miles and I use it as a 2nd car to drive locally. It needs a lot of work,including a oil, pump timming belt, ect but the engine is basically good. To keep this car and driveable it will cost $1,500. DOES IT PAY TO FIX THIS CAR. I basically maintained this car since I bouth it new except for the last few years so where can I get a used car for 1,500 .

I am ask this question because I have a new job and now and I must now drive to work 124 miles a week using my primary car which is a 2000 honda accord special edition with 23,000miles. I used to commute to work ty train so thats is why I have so low millage on this car..

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posted by  captkirk

I wouldn't bother personally. I suggest you sell it for spares or repair to somebody who'll be able to fix it it for a fraction of the cost (Mechanic etc). I'd hazard a guess that the car is only worth the amount it'll cost to repair anyway (given the slightly vague description...:doh: ). If you can't sell it, scrap it, afterall, it's only a second car.

posted by  Cliffy

If you are just keeping this car as a backup car, that you will only use every once in a while, it might be worth it, if you really need a backup car. however if you plan on driving this car regularly, you would probably be better off getting a newer car. this being said, just sitting is not good for a car either, so why get a newer car that will just sit and rot between occasional use? Being from New York, does the body of the car warrant the repair, or is it about rusted through? with regular use, the expenses of keeping the Toyota could add up rather quickly.

posted by  dvdrose18

I will be using the corolla every weekend to go food shopping or errands or an emergency car to go to work when my primary car is in the shop. It wond be just sitting for ever. How much will a used car cost, defenitely more than $1500.

posted by  captkirk

the cost of a used car depends on what you are looking for, you could probably find a car 10 or 12 years newer for around $2500. Why do you say $1500? is that your budget limit or is that what it will cost to have a shop fix your car for you? if you are paying a shop to do all your maintenance and repairs for you, it is probably not worth it to keep it. you never know what disaster is peering around the next corner that will make your $1500 look like child's play. at some point the car will become a money eating black hole. Sure, it only costs $1500 now, and once you fix the current problems, you will say, well, you just spent that money so you go and get the tires or brakes it need, then it is the power steering pump, or the radiator, or the transmission, or... The point is you are only looking at the immediate cost to you. In the long run, you will probably be better off getting a newer car, unless you are in a financial bind and need this car to tide you over for a year or two, until your piggy bank gets a little fatter.

posted by  dvdrose18

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