can I use my all season tires.

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Do I need snow tires or is my new BF GOODRIDGE TA HR15 all season tires good enough in the winter since I live in south westchester (suburb 20 miles north of New York city-- manhattan). I will drive my car 11 miles to/from work on the Bronx River pkway (job is in the bronx). This highway always get salted. I wont drive in 1 foot of snow.

posted by  captkirk

All season tires are usually sufficient for this area, as long as you don't live up some dirt road that doesn't get plowed all year. 11 miles is not a long commute, so as long as all 4 of your tires have a descent amount of meat on them you should be fine. Of course it doesn't hurt to carry a shovel and some salt in your trunk for that day when they forget to plow your street. Getting snow tires isn't as easy as it sounds. Unless you get another set of wheels to put them on, every spring and every fall you have to have the other tires mounted and balanced.

posted by  dvdrose18

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