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Man, just got my 93 GTR, I got it directly from Japan! It need a little work for complance but I still saved a good couple of thousand dollers! I waorked with Dane form Japan Auto Dierct. It came fast! but Dane did take a little a to find it because that a popular year for canada...................

posted by  rx7man76

do we care?? pix of GTFO

posted by  newyorker

let's say that he doesn't have the car, for sake of argument. What good does it serve you to say what you just did? Feed your own need for power on calling others out?

Now let's say that he does have the car, for sake of argument. What you just said has a habit of scaring away people who actually have the car, and ruins his or her first impression on our forum.

Now, if you were to say something closer to "Hey! Congratulations on the purchase! I'm sure it's a beauty. Also, welcome to the forums. I hate to be the one to ask this, but would you mind just taking a piece of paper with the words Car-Forums, spear it over the gear shift knob, and take a photo? It's just that there's a lot of people that come by and try to pass off a car as their own, and we like authenticity :) Thanks in advance!"

Would that not accomplish both what you were trying to set out to, and take out the possible consequences of your post?

Hardly ever does good ever come from insulting someone you just met.

posted by  Godlaus

It just seems to be a wave of these 14 year olds flaunting their "cars" in our faces when they dont even know how to drive its kinda disappointing.

posted by  newyorker

you mean like kids editing videos of their car while accelerating to make us think it's faster than it is? :doh:

posted by  dodger65

well in my defence I didnt edit that video haha

posted by  newyorker

Well I see the baseless claims about owning expensive automobiles is still going on. :wink2:

posted by  hondaman

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