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Hi All,

Myself and 2 of my colleagues have just signed up to a Banger Rally which one of our local charities is hosting. The route is from Guernsey, Channel Islands, Down to Lake Geneva in Switzerland, stopping off on the way at the nurburg ring for a few laps!

£500-£700 is our limit for a car thats reliable, but also quite quick. Would anyone have any suggestions as to what car might be good? Only cars we've found currently are slow..or just wont work after a few miles...

Porsche 944 - £100
Reliant Robin - £250
Citroen AX - £500
Renault 4 - £400
Volvo Estate - £550

anymore suggestions to that?

posted by  erakepio

There are countless cars that would be ideal for this! What about an '86-90 Toyota MR-2? Or a BMW 3-series about the same year? Both are rear wheel drive so they should be good fun...As the MR-2 is mid-engined though, it might be a little unstable if you plan on throwing it around a bit, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

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