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ive been searching for the requirements of a car to be street legal in the state of florida. ive searched dmv, dot, etc. and i just cannot find them. can anyone provide me with a link?

posted by  johnwashere

It's unlikely you'll find a list that says "for a car to be street legal you need this, this, and this". A better search would be to see what a car needs to pass inspection in Florida. That will cover most if not all things that could make a car illegal. The only thing I can think of that may not be is undercar neon (specifically blue). What have you/are you planning to do to yor car?

posted by  giant016

nothing at the moment. i have hopes of one day making a truly custom car and fear building a car, only to find out it is not legal

posted by  johnwashere

If it's cool enough cops won't write you up. I read about a new Beetle (in California I believe) that has a fighter jet turbine as a secondary engine sticking through it's hatch. He street drives it, but everytime somebody calls the cops on him the car magically "disappears" from his garage and nobody asks questions. Plus, if you're going to make a car that's that wild, a grand or two in fines will be a drop in the bucket unless you're quite experienced in fabrication.

posted by  giant016


posted by  carls47807

Yea, I would think it would be hard to find exactly what the laws are for street racing directly stated. But that's kinda an ironic story about the beetle. haha Very funny...:laughing:

posted by  Guru

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