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Does Anyone Know Of Any Great Bloggers Or Radio/tv Shows Like Car Talk?

posted by  mikemikeauto

There's the Power Block on Spike TV tomorrow at like noon. Apparently, they also have a blog, as can be seen here (

posted by  chris_knows

Cool Thanks!! Really Wanna Try And Find Some New Stuff

posted by  mikemikeauto

i love watching that show and i watch it every week end. iv learned alot of tips and teqniques off that show

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

Yeah, IMO Car Talk, the Power Block, and Top Gear are the greatest car-related shows.

posted by  chris_knows

Top Gear is the greatest car show of all time. Too bad it's almost never on, and it's not the type of show I'd want to get the DVD set for. I think they have a magazine too, but IIRC it was like $200 a year to have it sent to the U.S.

EDIT: I forgot you can catch episodes on Youtube. It's not the same for me though.

posted by  giant016

Check out those podcasts they have thousands of them. :-P

But truly there are quite a few good ones available in iTunes just have to find some of the right ones. I stopped using PodCasts myself though as I never can keep up with the new updates... haha!

posted by  Guru

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