Need advice: '03 G35 Coupe vs. '00-'03 S4 (B5)

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Hello all,
I'm going to soon be in the market for a new car, and I've narrowed it down to the above two models. I'm looking to spend between $14k and $17k right off the bat, and I can't really go higher.

I am aware the S4 is somewhat quicker by the numbers, and will certainly "feel" faster, but I am also wary of horror stories I have heard from Audi/VW owners regarding their cars always being in the shop. Also the Infiniti definitely takes the style category, and has better brakes (Brembos), wheels, and tires.

Of course OTOH, the Audi has the handling advantage of AWD. The Audi seems to be a bit more modifiable according to my research, and I know dropping the APR chip in adds a considerable amount of hp and tq.

I am not a drag racer and rarely confront people on the highway, I'm more inclined to drive a twisty mountain road or take the cash and time to take my car to a track.

Which car would you take, and why?


posted by  DKSDS

It doesn't matter which car we'd take, we probably have different needs than you. The Audi looks to handle noticable better, and if your into driving in the twisties and on the track, that is what you want. Neither of these cars seem to have any signifigant flaws

That aside, go and drive the cars. That should give you your answer.

posted by  giant016

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