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Getting new wheels (again) this will be set #9 for me lol
Giving the guy my 17s with tires and getting 2003 civic si wheels with brand new 195 45 15 tires (pep boys brand) and 200 cash
The tires are coming off and being sold for whatever, I need something to replace them, am set on a 205 50 15 tire

Summer performance
Good treadlife
Not too uncomfortable

I wanted the Azenis rt 615 sooo much but I hear they wear fast

I have kinda settled on General Exclaim UHP I hear nothing but good things about them, anyone have any other suggestions??

Generals are gona cost me 288 shipped for a set of 4

Those are the wheels

Need tires, the sooner the better, I have an upcoming spring cruise (more like a cannonball run reserved to 20 drivers, me being one) on April 27th, need them mounted and balanced by then, would prefer they be broken in as well, the sooner I decide the better

posted by  newyorker

Your best bet would be KDs, but if your looking at Generals then they are probably too expensive. I think the SPTs are available in that size and relatively cheap, I would not go general, Ive only dealt with the new UHP tires like twice but every other tire they have is complete shit.

Ill check ATD tommorrow and see what theyve got in that size

posted by  Enthusiast

The UHP I can have for 64 a tire, which isnt bad I think.

the other thing is that these wheels sit more in the fender than I will like, so I may end up running a 5mm spacer, extended studs and open lugs...Il see in time, tires are the priority at this point
I was also looking at these, Nitto Neogens
Yoko Parada Spec2

Id love a tire that is designed for neg camber wear

posted by  newyorker

Well got them today instead of tomorrow, turns out they were 195 60 15 not 195 45 15 so im happy there, could definately use some more grip though they are as he called them the "poor man's kumho", so poor i dont even remember the name haha

I love them. Size looks better on the car, nice and clean, I definately got a kickass deal, they make the car look cleaner..duno if i should run my lip or not though
keep the recomends coming

posted by  newyorker

Personally, I've had good luck with Kumho's and Yokohama's. Right now my car is....well...not with me(side story).....but it's sitting on Yoko Avid TRZ rubber.....yes, hard compound, but I needed tread wear & all season usage more then summer performance. The difference in road noise with a hard compound is negligible for me with the stereo. 9/10 people I know who DON'T go to the stealership for tires end up with kumho or yoko's, depending on budget.

I know Yoko makes great summer performance rubber. Look to them if you really want some good grip for good dollar value.

posted by  dodgerforlife

I had yokohama, and there are better things out there for the buck, ADVAN tires are great but break the wallet.

posted by  newyorker

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