Letting people out of side roads when there are 3 cars right behind you

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Does anybody else think this is downright dangerous?

It's fine if everyone is stationary or crawling but when everybody's trundling along at 30 then the guy at front decides that the side road should suddenly have priority, anchors on everyone...

Is there anything in the highway code about this?

posted by  daboy

Personally, I can't stand when people do that. People who are on side roads are supposed to go when no one else is coming. It's inconsiderate to the people behind you when you let those people on the side roads go ahead of you. Some people think they're being nice but it's just annoying to the ones who actually have the right-away..

posted by  Vanessa

It's alright if traffic is moving really slow, or there's a red light up ahead, but other than that, it shouldn't be done.

posted by  chris_knows

Depends on the situation, if you slam on your brakes to let a car in, it is dangerous, but if you slow down or brake lightly to give a person more room to pull on, accompanied by a flash of the high beams, that is perfectly acceptable. This is particularly true if there is a long line of cars trying to get on and there is not quite enough room for a car to get on, slow down a little and give them room, common curtesy. (even here in NJ:laughing:)

Was it realy like that, or were you looking for thet dropped fry, or admiring that hot chick behind you, or were you in a rush and tailgating. If you rearend someone, it is your problem. no questions asked. Car, duck, turtle, whatever it may be, you should expect the unexpected. 3 second rule.

Depends on where you are from. Here there are laws against obstructing the normal flow of traffic, but I doubt it is ever used, unless someone parks in the middle of the road. Did they come to a full stop? what is the speed limit?

Cliff notes version: pay attention when you drive, and leave enough room between you and the car in front of you.

posted by  dvdrose18

Oh yeah I often let people in if I'm in solid traffic, or if I can let them in without having to brake (much). Just seems to be the number of people who think that they have to let every car in every side road in even if the car behind them has to slam the anchors on is increasing...

No hot chicks here unfortunately :wink2: But also no contact involved as all three cars behind the one who stopped were paying attention and no tailgating going on.

But we were all doing steady 30mph, traffic was free flowing and behind me there was a big gap when the person could easily have come out. Instead we all had to come to a complete standstill from 30mph which is fine for an emergency but in an unnecessary situation like this just strikes me as dangerous driving.

posted by  daboy

I am assuming you're in the UK from your lingo, lol..(could be wrong though...). As has been said, it much depends on the situation. If you're in fast moving traffic, and have cars behind you, then yes, it's far too dangerous. However, if you done so and somebody went in to the back of you, it would be their fault in the eyes of the law because it's the tailing drivers' responsibility to leave enough room to stop if you brake hard. I'd hazard a guess that you could argue this in court and possibly win, but that's generally how the law sees it. I will always be polite to other motorists, but rarely to the extent of lettinf somebody out of a road in front of me, mainly because the other road user isn't directly affecting me, and as such, flashing my headlights (another one that is often read the wrong way....) could cause confusion and some delay.

Also, I would feel guilty if they pulled out and hit a car on the opposite side of the road. Fair enough, I'd have done a bit of forward planning so as to avoid this, but by letting them out first you could put them in harms way if there's a delay and what was a clear road turns out not to be any more. (They should look first.....but might not in their haste). As for the Highway Code, I don't think there's anything in there about this, just that you have to look where you're going when approaching a junction etc...:thumbs:

Edit: Ignor the bit about the UK....I see from your avater that you're in Hertfordshire. :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I'm kind of confused about the question do you mean like people using the far right lane to drive on?

In this case I feel it is very dangerous as they aren't meant to be driven on anyways and they are kinda small place and most of the places just leave hardly enough space to park a stalled or dying car.

posted by  Guru

I think he means letting other road users out of side roads etc, in front of yourself...

posted by  Cliffy

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